Help!!! I'm About to Burst!!

ok, i am soooo sick of doing this to myself.  i know i have some kind of eating disorder.

I'm not overweight, but i'm obsessed with food.  I was taking adipex, and lost 15 lbs.  It only works for a few weeks, and i don't like to take it anyway, because it's really unhealthy, but it did keep me away from food.

Now that i quit taking it, i'm obsessed with food again, and i don't want to gain it back.

I just got done eating a bowl of icecream with hot fudge and almonds, two pieces of raisin bread, cheesy mashed potatos with two hot dogs, and to finish it off a bowl of lucky charms.

What's wrong with me?

littleisabella littleisabella
3 Responses Jun 23, 2009

You might have binge eating disorder. Its very common and it isn't your fault. You gust need to find the reason for it

You're hungry and bored. Or you just love to eat. There's really not enough info. to tell why. How do you feel when you are eating? For me, it's happiness.

maybe you should find out the root cause of this overeating. Since you posted this in the "I Eat When I Am Bored and to Bury My Feelings" group, I'm assuming that there are underlying emotional issues that are causing you to eat like this. You should find out what these issues are and work through them. Once you find and fix the cause, the symptom of overeating should reduce and/or disappear.