Inconsistent Care For Myself

When I am with a man and happy (I hate that those are equated, but they are) I tend to gain about 14lbs.  I eat whenever he does, and nearly the amount.  When I am sad and romanceless, I skip meals and lose the 14lbs, which attracts someone new...again I cycle through.  Recently considering this phenomena I realized that at the 5 months mark of the relationship I eat when I am bored or worried about the longevity of the relationship.  I think this one is "IT", so I want to learn how to stay healthy at my lower weight and talk about the things that concern me rather than eat. 
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36-40, F
1 Response Nov 3, 2007

I do the opposite!!! When I make my mind up that I fancy/want a certain guy...I work on myself, diet, exercise dress well....yet once I have conquered the man of my dreams...then I get complacent, eat, put on weight and take no interest in myself and put all my energies into 'him'. No wonder I don't seem to keep my man long either!