Today I had a deadline on a project I was HOPING. To take my time on but my client requested her banners earlier. Rome wasn't built in a day lady. Luckily I was able to oblige her because I'm really doing my best not to procrastinate. I have a lot of time management skills so I know how to allot my time. Being self employed = discipline. I think my job is very misunderstood. The fact that I am home editing projects or just commute a few days a week absolutely stuns people. It gets just as done in either place. Today I went to the grocery store to get Cole some dog food and ended up buying bags of Ritz crackers. This always happens when I'm feeling anxious. I don't want to eat the crackers now. Over the winter time I was stressed out a lot, so I ate a ton of pizza. I didn't want to cook ever. I don't want to get like that again. Instead I'll just do positive affirmations.
QueenByAllMeans QueenByAllMeans
26-30, F
Aug 22, 2014