Treated Myself To A Yuppie Lunch

I went to a restaurant bar to have lunch awaiting the library to open.
I thought it would be a treat as i hadn't done such an outlandish extravagant thing like this for a while, a few years ago actually. Its summer in the height of the tourist season so i thought it would feel good. On entering the place, i immediately tracked down a waitress and cornered her so she could not bypass my face and flitter on with mundane activities that merited activities of work in her employment contract. I said can you serve me please. Yes sure, what would you like, was her polite reply. I'd like a Thai curry please and i will be sitting at that table. That cut a good 20 minutes of sitting and waiting to be served im sure. Then the super long endurance wait for my ordered meal came. 40 minutes later another waitress turned up with my simple curry and dish of rice.
Good job i had allowed a whole hour for this expensive ordeal.
I finished and left to the bar to pay for it. Was going to buy something sweet, but decided on getting a McFlurry from the big M down the road and save ten bucks. And for the first time i didn't get asked what table i was sitting at, which is a real peeve to me when i have to explain such things that are in full glare of staff. The girl had done her job and taken a mental note of where customers where sitting.
The experience wasn't all that nice, and i do prefer food that doesn't cost so much. Yuppies and tourists can have them places. Oh for a Subway in Tahuna!
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1 Response Jan 10, 2013

U seem like an interesting person to sit down n have a sandwich with at Subway

Yes i am, its just that people dont realise it!
I go thru life alone, uninvolved and un-noticed. Even happens here on ep.
I would write a story about it but i'd rather not draw attension to it as it definitely sounds like self pitty which i truly hate.

Id sit and talk with u

That would be very pleasant and somthing i have never done.