One Semester Remaining But Don't Want To Complete

I was expected to graduate university at the the end of this year (November 2012). However, i have failed four courses which is holding me back.

I am a Information Technology major who have reach this far by forcing myself both mentally and physical. I absolutely hate the degree that i pursued, but endure thus far out f guilt that my parents has paid for my tuition.

I am quit an ambition woman who wants to be successful but have no interest in pursuing a career in the IT field and this has resulted in me barely passing the courses that i did and the ones that i did relatively well in had absolutely nothing to d with IT/Computing.

Not being able to perform at my best has cause made me majorly stressed and frustrated with myself as i feel as it i am letting down my family but more importantly, myself.

Should I clinch my teeth and complete my degree in 2013 or should I take the time to work in entry level positions until I am able to pursue something that i truly love?

At a Crossroad
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18-21, F
Sep 14, 2012