I'm Effeminate, It's Now How I Am

I lived as a woman from when I was 18 to 26. At work, I met the woman who I was to marry (when I was living as a woman) and stopped living as a woman when I started to go bald. She suggested I get my hair cut real short and just go back to being a man. Easier said than done, I said, as I've spent so much of my time as a woman, while I make look and dress as a man, I'll still have female mannerisms.

She thought that would be fine, it's who I am. So we went to Penny's, bought some jeans a few polo shirts. Stopped at Penny's salon, and I got my first crew cut - about a half inch long. I started to cry as looked at myself in the mirror. My pretty hair was gone and you could see how thin the hair on top had become. So I asked the girl to shave it as close as she could. She used the clippers without a guard, and then another pair of white clippers. I watched in the mirror as the short stubble became almost just white skin.

When we left, we went to my place and I changed into the jeans and polo shirt. I still had makeup on and washed it all off. My friend suggested I just go ahead and shave the rest off. She had an idea. She shaved me, then suggested that I could still wear makeup, just differently. So after foundation over my entire scalp, then powder and blush, a nice shade of lipstick, I got to like the look.

I couldn't just go back to a regular guy. But I could be what I really am, a very effeminate man, I carry a purse, wear makeup (I still cross dress on occasion), get my nails done every two or three weeks, and still wear blouses and sometimes a skirt, but I'm clearly a man. It's worked well since.
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I am glad you found something that works for both of you,

Don't be a man just because someone else wants you to be! If you want to be a woman, embrace it and be yourself!

What I think is that you are an honest, caring and thoughtful person, putting all labels aside. And you seem very happy with yourself, which is the most important aspect. I suspect you are deeply in love with your wife as well.

I am with her and she with me. Thanks, Kim