I'm At My Wits End

I am a single parent and have been most of my parental years. I have  successfully done everything I can for my children. They have never wanted for or been without anything. Now they are adults and I even have custody of one of my grandchildren. My daughter and he both live with me. I can not stand a dirty junky house and neither of them will clean unless I rasie hell and when I do they have the audacity to get angry because I complain about them not picking up after themself or half doing when they do call them selves cleaning. I am to the point where I am ready to either kick them out or just walk off and not come back, no joke. I have done my duty as a parent and my grandsons mother need to come get her child. I am just tired!! But it's times like these I just need some one to talk to!! Thanks for being there 

egads egads
Mar 25, 2009