Never Ever Work With Justine Nofal On Elance!

Justine Nofal, who claims herself to be a high flying freelance copywriter and PR professional on Elance, is nothing but a sham and a scam artist.

And this is a warning which I am very explicitly giving out both to freelancers as well as to clients since all she is doing on Elance is picking up projects as a contractor and then in turn sub-contracting those same projects to other hapless, and unaware freelancers at an absolute pittance, pocketing the margins in between.

This is clearly a crook, a thief and a scam artist who ideally has no place on Elance whatsoever.

It is really very sad that such morally hollow individuals are even allowed to exist on the site. If Justine Nofal had even an iota of ethics or values in her system, she would not resort to the kind of sub-contracting which she does.

To prove my point, following is the link to Justine Nofal's Contractor page on Elance:

And following is the link to Justine Nofal's Client page on Elance:

As you will note, this pathetic and shameless contractor has the gall to virtually sub-contract ALL of the work which she picks up on Elance, doing practically NOTHING herself.

This poor, hapless contractor would not have had such a nightmarish experience "working" with Justine Nofal, had she read this post before. Image below (can be seen among the feedback on Justine Nofal's "Client" page):

To substantiate my assertion, just count the number of projects she has won on Elance and tally that with the number of project postings which she has put up on Elance, as a client.

Thinking that she is somewhat clever - which she is clearly not (AT ALL!!), she hides her project history and all details on her client page, since she does not want people to see that the same projects she has won as a contractor, she is in turn passing them on to others as a client.

It is scam artists like Justine Nofal who considerably bring down the overall experience on Elance. Also, as far as price erosion is concerned, it is again these "farmers" like Justine Nofal who are largely responsible.

Once again, I warn all clients and contractors, NEVER EVER to work with Justine Nofal. Starving scavengers like Justine Nofal of this kind of a seemingly lucrative way of making money at other's expense (as she thinks), is the best manner in which we can slowly but surely maintain better pricing and/or pay scales on Elance.

So to reiterate:

Clients - Justine Nofal is a SCAM artist who does not do her work herself, she sub-contracts them...ALL OF IT! Ask her what those projects on her Client page are all about, if she dares denying her wrongdoing.

Contractors - Justine Nofal manipulates hapless and unaware contractors, especially new ones, into working at sub-par rates, while garnering all the credit as though she did the work herself.

Personally, I would wring her neck if I could get hold of her but I am located many a mile from South Africa so am resorting to this space to create awareness about such a sham and scam artist as Justine Nofal.

So Beware - You Have Been Forewarned!
ElanceBuster ElanceBuster
Dec 2, 2012