I Would Like Some Email Buddies....

  Not anyone who is going to send me chain letters, or jokes or just forwards..... I get enough of them already. =( I want friends who will write me a letter telling me about their lives. It doesn't have to be everyday. It can be once a week, just to let me know how their lives are going and what's been happening in their neck of the woods. I would write back and we could get to know one another and perhaps become fast friends. =)

That's what I want more than anything..... So if you're interested, PM me here and put "email buddies" in the subject line. I'll write back and we'll get crackin'.....

Please no sex talk either. I have no talent for dirty talk, nor do I want any practise at it. Thanks, but no thanks.....


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8 Responses Feb 10, 2009

I just want sum1 i can talk to :) just like a best mate !

bethanylouise.0x@gmail.com :D <br /><br />
Im a girl, 16 and fancy a new person or new people to talk to :) mail me wheneverr :)

hi pll im 18 w f jhb looling for email ftiends if you wane mail me at rsteyn7@gmail.com

hey i am bored,,<br />
email me cassandra_jane@live.com <br />

Hi I would like to be your email buddy contact me at Ezartin077@gmail.com.

My email is bow_ties_are_cool_Ponytails_are_not@hotmail.com<br />
<br />
It 's been ages since i had a email buddy please ocnatct me!

Richard07760460094@hotmail.com <br />
Its just everyday normal talk with me (:

cant sleep having a lot of stress right now about a relationship.I hate it when some one gets in your mind and you cant get them out.

I no how you feel !