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Dog Lick

You have no idea how supremely embrassed I get when I think about my dog licking my ****. Sorry, but it's true.

I had no sex for 3 days and my hormones were pumping. So my dog just smelt something it desired, and ......................
realtime2010 realtime2010 46-50 3 Responses Oct 16, 2010

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The dog sensed yr need. My neighbors dog sniffs under my wifes skirt when we go there. She shouts as its cold wet nose touches her crotch She is very embarassed. My neighbor always laughs. then locks up the dog Not sure if it varies with her monthly cycle but it might.

Anthony. I was alone, apart from my dog(s). I have the deepest regret. Yes I was Rock hard at the time.

Were you hard at the time? Did yr wife see this? What happened next?