I have an online boyfriend whom I cared about a lot and thought about throwing away everything to be with him. But I realize it's not that easy since I have a crush on someone else here based solely on that person's looks. I'm so shallow and ungrateful and childish. But this is me :)
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u found love on here? :) that's ...well...cool.

i mean, i would never love a faceless person. I've never known anyone like you and i find you interesting as a person. People who lived luxurious lives, well, i never imagined them being trapped. all my life i thought they were lucky to be born with such wealth, i always wish i had a luxurious life. but your story, gave me a new perspective. not everyone's happy. and about finding love here, sorry i got distracted, i think it's beautiful and cool. i think people who love someone else easily are very upfront about their emotions, i admire that. i have locked my heart on my own and it has no keys to it. i will never find love in my life. no one could walk past the barrier i built myself. i will be caged forever, all alone. my life is miserable. :)

i could never love a true person, what more through ep?

i think i am destined to be alone.

Who and who?

Never throw everything away for anyone. Add them to your life, don't make them the center of it. This will cause you to lose your own identity. This is not what love is all about. If you have a crush on someone else, then you aren't ready to commit. Which is OOOOOKKKKKK. :)

NO, this is not indicative of being shallow. This is indicative of being a young woman who clearly presents as a human being. GAWD girl you will never lose the desire to feast your eyes on beauty. Of any kind. :)

To lose the desire to be with someone in an intimate way, yes! However when a nice looking man crosses your path, you will still see his beauty, unless you are dead. Society tries to make us feel guilty about acknowledging such things. We are human, we like to see things that are pleasing to the eye. Does not make us monsters who cheat.


When you find someone you love, lust and desire for others will only become admiration for their looks instead. You will still stare. We all do.

And you are not shallow unless you really value the looks over the rest. Its like buying a Ferrari while living in new york. You are not hitting max speed with that so all you do is buy it because "its pretty"( girly voice).

Well said Breeze!

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