Weird Exam

Well i saw some story on here about a hygiene check. I guess that's what happened to me except it was a little different. I was getting a physical and I was almost done she had just told me to lay down so she could check my heart and stomach and she said she wanted to check a few other things. I had no idea it would be this embarrassing. She put on gloves and asked if I could lower my pants to about my knees. I just said okay and did it. She pulled out my underwear and looked down. She asked if she could check the back too. She just said to stand up she peeked in the back and said to lay down with pants off and she would just inspect a little more thorough this time. She did the same thing this time feeling the outside. She pulled them down and and said she was going to swab both front and back and test the swabs. She said it was a personal hygiene exam and she just needed to check the back one more time. Well I had a spicy burrito for lunch and it didn't agree to well I guess. She checked the back and said I needed to work on hygiene and the swabs were positive. And I should come back in two weeks for a very thorough hygiene exam. Wonder how that will be....
HoneyLove44 HoneyLove44
Sep 18, 2012