Husband Humiliation By Use Of Diapers And Teasing

My wife Missy has reluctalntly had to accept the fact that at 58 years old due to both medical and behavioral problems I have become almost totally urinery incontinent and must wear adult diapers 24/7. I am ashamed to admit that I have been wearing diapers and plastic pants to bed for a few years as I am a bedwEtter and was one as a child unil I was almost 12 years old. It is said that 80% of men that wet the bed as kids past the age of 8 will wet the bed as adults. I have had to tolerate the teasing and humiliation of having to get myself "dressed for bed" nightly slipping into a thick overnite diaper and rubber baby pants plus having to sleep on a bed pad just incsae. My wife teases me even though I only normally wet myself only about once every 3 or 4 weeks...but naturallly when I stopped wearing the embarrasing clothing I would have and accident and cause my wife laundry work and so on. About a year ago she insisted I wear my "baby clothes" to bed every night period and if I did not she would tell her sisters about my problem and let me suffer the shame of being exposed.
Unfortunatley my prostate problems have worsened and so has the urinery incontinence, both stress and urge. I also have some nerve damage to the uretral sphinter and at times the reverse of wetting occurs and I cannot empty my bladder which is dangerous and far worse. I have been shaved like a baby for nurmerous tests, tryed medications and prostate message which is also very humiliating to the point where I was told I might have to start using catheters to insure drainage of my urine up to 4 times a day! I am only 58 and unfortunatley a drinker of alcohol which makes the diruetic aspect worse in conjunction to other medications I must take daily.
    After attempting self catherization a few times, painful, humiliating, the measuring of the fluid taken in and out, the time and availability of an area to do this if I was out in public, plus the bleeding that occured due to the thinners I am was decided a safer route would be to go the opposite way and insert asmall uretral stent into my spincter muscle coving 90% of the area of the enlarged prostate in an effort to keep the tube open and allow urine to flow. SADLY  IT WOULD ALSO MAKE ME 90% URINERY incontinent since I cannot clamp off the stent unless if I even feel the urge to pee, unless I make it to a bathroom in under 15 seconds, I wet myself so I am stuck wearing diapers 24/7...Urinals did not work as I am active, the sheath would move, fall out and so on.
        My wife Missy was and is understanding to a point, but hates having to tote around a diaper bag for me, hates buying my diapers as I am too embarrased and most of all hates that I continue to drink too much and make the situation worse.  The stent is suppoed to be removed in about 6 months and hopefully I will regain about half of my control that i had before, however I will still most likely always have to wear pads and so on for the rest of my life.
      Missy told me that if I did not limit my drinking and do my kegel excersises she would start humiliating me by teasing me in public about my diapers and so on..She started by simply saying infront of me to a waitress in a coffee shop not to bring me anymore coffee or I woud wet mysef again!...I almost died and the girl chuckled. Upon leaving Missy reacehed into her purse and handed me a full sized diaper inplain view of other dinners and said in acommanding voice "go put this on in the bathroom, I don't want any more of your accidents in my car"...I shrugged and told her to put the diaper back in her purse but she kept trying to hand it to me saying "the Dr told you you would need these until or is it if ever you regain control now go put it on"...I had to take the diaper and red faed go to the bathroom returning outside so embarrassed I thought I would die.
     Missy continued her teasing and control by secretly when I overdrank one night..she uncovered my feet and painted all my toenails with bright pink nail polish. When I woke up and saw what she had done, I asked for nal polish remover and was told we had none...AND that I was to leave the toenails painted as a reminder of the sissy I am every time I shower and look down. It was summer and I had to remember not to answer the door barefoot, I could not even go swiming without wearing aqua shoes. Missy bought me some semi open towed sandals that I have to wear when out and try to hide the pink toenails as best as I can.  I walk away from other shoppers in stores to avoid eye contact...but I have indured the giggles and taunts of women shoppers who have spotted my shame at the check out line even with me trying to hide my toes under the counter or tipping my foot sideways at a restaurant booth, its impossible not to get spotted and humiliated...but I have no choice as Missy has clearly TOLD ME IF I DID NOT SUBMIT TO WHAT SHE NOW CALLS MY PUNISHMENTS SHE WOULD TELL HER SISTERS ABOUT my situation. Something I would have a very, very hard time living with since ONE  Sister is a tease and would put me thru more hell than Missy I bet.
     Other attempts by my wife to bring me further into line are. She shaved a bald spot on the top back of my head when I was Passed out" one night! when I woke and saw the 2" bald spot I could not believe she would do that to me...but she did,and  she was going to pat me on the head often as a reminder and next time she might shave a bigger spot of even my eyebrows and since I almost pass out, she would be able to, My pubic hairs are all shaved away like a baby  for tests I have had and basic hygeine making cleaning myself easier. Missy told me I was also to shave my legs as soon as possible since I was going to be wearing pantyhose of thigh high stockings also.  She wasn't kidding and 3 months ago I had to endure the stares and humiliation o having to wear shorts and nude pantyhose stockings out to a distant Ruby  It was impossibleto hide my nylon covered legs and Missy made me suffer even worse by making me go back to the salad bar 3 times to pring her something back, walking through the busy dining room for everyone to see and standing on line at the bar trying not to make eye contact.  he top off was when we were leaving and I was struggling to get up Missy said loud enough for the watiress to turn her head "Bob yo be carefull getting up, don't catch uour stockings on the table leg, runs show worse than a smooth legI almost died but kept walking.
        There have been numerous other humiliatons I have learned to indure and now honestly I am/ have become her sissy slave.  When she leaves for her 2 hour morning part tiime local job, I am chained in the bed with my legs drawn towards my butt, hands cuffed infront of me...a short chain connecing the cuff to the legs so I cannot straighten up...My always in place chain slave collar which i cover with a turtlenect dickey in winter or struggle to hide under a t shirt in summer...the colar is attached  to the cuffs also..I am diapered naturally and sometimes blindfolded until she returns about 2 hours later to hopefully release me.  There is an emergency key in a lock box I can get into in an emergency but openin the box would result in her telling her sisters about what I have become so I don't ever consider it.  Sometimes when she gets home she continues to work around the house and make me stay boud for another 45 minutes esecially if i was cross with her...She threatens to brign a friend home someday to see me in that condiion which I beg her not to.  She carries pictures of me this way in her purse and onher phoe as blackmail when we are out. As Missy pwer over me increases so does her desire to turn me on. She is dressing much more provacatably wearing heels often, stockings and shorter than average skites.  Even in simple leggins she loks hot and I wet my self as I get a little hard just looking at her and knowing I am her issymaid.
    Trips out  incidently involve her driving and me sitting with my pants around my ankles showing my diaper, pink plastic pants, stockings and maybe even lace panties...sometimes she puts makeup on my eyes and I have to wear dark sunglassesremembering not to take them off.  Dinner at home has me required to wear high heels, eat with handcuffs on, and when I do drink I louse a diaper change for the next day. I am allowed 3 diapers a day..but if I drink I only get 2 so I am soaking wet much of the time and Missy reminds me of  it constantly.
    This and many many more humiliations I endure..why...I have to...I love her and I know in a way she is trying to help me.  On her side I am forced to wear a leash that runs from my slave collar down my arm sleeve...Missy carries it and lets me hold her hand so the black cord does not show much,,,but she has also walked away and then tightened it up so it was visible,  She made me wear my wet overnight diaper (I am always wet overnight as I sleep with my ankles tied together, I am not allowed out of bed and Missy holds he leash end to be sure. I must wet myselft and tell her so I can suck on her middle finger like a bably...very humiliating. Anyway I with Missy was required to wear my soaking wet overnight diaper, stockings, pink lace top socks, a bra and 1 painted fingenail to my blood test nurse just so Missy could watch me squirm. I did and was worried sik something would show. When done I was led by the leash tot he clinics mensroom where se handed me a dry diaper and told me to go change myself in the handicaped stahl,,,she threatened to make me use the womens room as she would block the door as extra pressure but I begged not to have to do that and was allowed to use the mens room.
    I have just about learned tolive with all this and although I have not dopped drinking completely I have greatly reduced the intake.  I have accepted my incontinence and now accepted serviced missy as her sissy. I spend alot of time with my face between her legs, licking her privtae parts when told and bringing her to ****** whichever way I can.  I have learned to get turned on by her sent and she makes me carry a pair of her soiled panties  that I sometimes must wear over my head to sniff in her sent..often I *** just from her smell and she has a good laugh. I paint her nails, comb her hair and even wipe her after she pees all as dressed as a sissy maid.  I must ask for my diapers and sometimes have to wait till she is ready.
THEN THE UNFORSEEN HAPPENED!...i was away on an out of town tri and Missy had her sister Susan over for some talk and a few drinks. Missy got tipsee and decided she had put up with enoguh of me "alone' and she felt she could disclose my secret i on a ultra confidential level with her sister!...somethng she had always threatened but never followed thru on. However I had gotten drunk and acted badly before I left and Missy told me I would be sorry...So..SHE OPENED UP AND TOLD HER SISTER ABOUT MY DIAPERS AND WHY! as previously detailed, she even went  on about some of my humiliations...the painted toenails,bald spot and teasing in public.  Susan did not believe her so Missy took her into my closet where I keep 5 boxes of assorted diapers, pads and plastic pants and wort of all Missy  opened her phone and showed her a picture of me bound up as I am every morning.  Susan was shocked, said whe was sorry for my medical woes and understands even not so old people can have big issues, but she also said she envyed Missy as to having me under her control by whatever means.  Missy was on a roll and even told her how I must  rinse Missy panties in the sink and blow dry them daily...Susan was amazed since for me that is such a departure from my construction worker bossy past.
     Missy reluctantly old me she had devulged my secrets after a few drinks but it was done and I should get used to dealing with it.  Missy explained she could use a little help in trying to discipline me for my own good and that Susan could be trusted to keep my secret as long as I  cooperated with what is now 2 teasing women.  Susan is at least a ear for Missy to vent some of her frstrations with the situaation which i am sure there are many  I was scared to death at the nest meeting I would have with susan. I did not have to wait long. Next day while missy was out in the afternoon Susan rang the  door bell and I threw on some clothes to cover my  maid outfit. as best as I could Susan opened the door with HER KEY! and said.. I know your in here come get what Missy asked me to bring to you so you can go out?..I entered the room and she was holding a diaper with my name in magic marker on it...Susan said, yes I know alot about your problems and how Missy is trying to control you better for your own good.  I know you have pink toenails that I want to see right now! or I will tell Frank my husband what you do not want him to know!.., I quikly took off my socks..Susan giggled when she saw my pink polished toenails, turned and said, to you want me to help change your diaper.? I WAS SHOCKED..WON'T BE ANYTHING i HAVE NOT SEEN BEFORE EVEN THOUGH i HAVE BEEN TOLD YOU ARE SHAVED AND NOT REALLY  ABLE TO GET VERY "BIG" ANYMORE? you better learn to satisfy Missy whatever way you can (with that she twitched her tongue and I turned beet red.....I said no thank you to the diaper help with a sheepish face. Susan giggled, reached in her purse and threw me a piece of cloth with red polka dots...She boldly said..those are my panties...soak them in the sink right now...I want the free hand wash laundry service yur wife told me about also from now on...I'll be backto pick them up in 2 days.  She left by saying I can't wait till I convince Missy to let me come home when you are all chained up...Should be fun watching you squim in the bed, chained up and helpless as Missy and I have some coffee and tease you to ccome join us.  Missy told me I could roll 1 dice someday and each point would count as another 30 minutes that you would have to stay bound up.  Sure hope I roll a six so you can think about it for the 3 hours more you will spend in bondage.  I'll think about you too when I'm home, but i will be giggling just so you know.  This is going to be fun and will be our secret as long as you go along...your have 1 1/4 Missys now don't you...I meakly said yes...heard yes what...and I said yes missy Susan.
    I don't know if I can do this but for anyone else to know is just too, too much for me to bear.  I have soken to Missy about what I thinkis Susan going too far with our (Missy and I's situation) Missy said not to worry she would talk to Susan and have her crank it down a bit, but for now I was to stay on Sues good side for awhile atleast so I waa told to rinse her panties and be sure they were dry, but Missy would insist that was to be the last pair I clean.  And as for worrying about Missy bringing someone home with me bound up...why not Susan since she already knows...Missy promised never to leave me alone with her and to get back our key so there woul be no unauthorized entry.  I said thank you Missy, and she said your welcome, but there is a price for all this tlc and tomight you will "lick" me when I say lick, stop when I sa stop and spend an hour at least pleasring me.  I humbly agreed got on my knees and started giving her pleasure. Its what I have become, and although in ways I regret it, I accept it and am greatful to be married to a attractive dominating woman, that inspite of my physical problems, manages to keep our sex life alive....signed SisHub12
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IF it was me I would be seeing a lawyer about a divorce if this is real it's no laughing matter it's a medical problem and no should be made fun of because of it

Your case seems very similar to my own a couple things you can do 1. you can order your diapers and thing from internet. 2. a supra pubic catheter I had it done a little over a year ago prior to that I was self catherization 4 times a day and all that did was to give me 1 u.t.i. after a another the sp.has worked very well fo me

I like the way your wife treats you. She understood how wetting sissy boys has to be humiliated. I hope you have some nice pictures to proofe what you are?