"Like That, Mommy?"

When I was a littlie about the age of three, my cousin Kyla had this bad habit of biting me. She would sneak up on me, bite me and actually draw blood. I was constantly marked with her teeth, my throat constantly sore from my screams of pain. She lived right next door to me and one day, my mother was looking out the window and I was on the floor playing by myself right at the feet of my aunt and uncle who were conversating outside in our shared front yard when she spots Kyla make her way out of her house and to us. My mother continues looking out the window, watching as Kyla opened her mouth wide open, bared her teeth and started running towards me. Apparently, my uncle and aunt also saw her coming and watched her approach me. My mother continued looking out the window, waiting to see if my aunt and uncle would make any effort to stop their daughter from biting me when all of a sudden, bam. She bites, I scream bloody murder and start crying like a *****. THEN my aunt and uncle start doing the whole, "Oh, poor little you!" thing and picking me up and trying to comfort me. My mother was unbelievably peeved. Oh, NOW they pick me up and try to comfort me, but yet, they did nothing to stop their daughter when they saw her coming at me, mouth wide open and teeth bared and ready to sink into tender toddler flesh and leave yet another mark on my neck.

My mother didn't do anything at first. She remained inside. It wasn't until I went into the house a couple of minutes later, eyes bloodshot from having been crying that she pulls me aside, checks my neck for the mark she knew would be there and then upon nursing it, finally looks me in the eyes and says, "This is the last straw. I don't want you playing in the yard anymore. I'm going to teach you how to fight and defend yourself first. Clench your fist." So I did. She then demonstrated how I was to throw my arm, how to swing it, how to get it in position for the best effect, etc. Then she lowered herself on head level with me and ordered me to punch her in the face in just the way she taught me. I gave her some soft, barely-there blows at first, not wanting to hurt my mother, not liking the whole punching her in the face aspect of the fight training. She insisted that I don't go easy on her, punch her as hard as I possibly could (I was a three year old kid, my punches would not possibly be that painful to an adult). After a while of hesitating, I finally gave her the hardest blow my three year old self could muster, the kind that made her feel a bit more of an impact and knew would be a lot worse for Kyla since she was my age. She had me practice punching her and my father's face that hard for the next few days until the day came when I made my father bleed from the mouth a little bit. That's when they both finally agreed that I was ready to defend myself from Kyla if necessary and allowed me to play in the yard again.

Then one day, my mother and my aunt, Kyla's mother, were outside on the front porch conversating and I was on the ground a couple feet away playing with my toys when all of a sudden, I hear pounding footsteps behind me. I quickly turn around and there was Kyla, mouth as wide as a shark's, coming at me, ready to bite. I look over at my mother and aunt and there they are, watching Kyla about to bite me, my mother looking at me with an expectant look on her face like, You know what to do.

I waited for her to get just a little bit closer and then I clenched my fist and positioned my arm just the way she taught me to and as Kyla got close enough, POW! I laid a good, solid blow on her face that sent her falling backwards on her butt, looking at me with a shocked expression on her face before beginning to cry.

My aunt ran over to Kyla to retrieve her, my mother walking behind her. That was when I turned to my mother and asked her right in front of my aunt with all the pride in the world, "Like that, mommy?!"


And here is the worst part, my aunt didn't catch it. She was too busy trying to comfort Kyla and my mother, out of pure embarrassment, pretended she didn't hear my question and hoped I would drop it, but no. I ask her again.
"Like that, mommy?!"

And that's when my aunt heard and then looked over at my mother, her face features growing darker. My mother sighed and had no choice but to push her embarrassment aside and say, "Yes, sweetie, just like that."

Then my aunt asked her, "You're teaching her how to fight?" Tone pissed off as hell. My mother then responded by saying, "No, I'm teaching her how to DEFEND herself. Nobody else bothers to protect her so it's not like she has much of a choice other than to defend herself."

That shut my aunt right up. Clearly she got the bait that my mother had seen how well she protected me from Kyla a few days before when she let her bite me and couldn't really deny that it's true; nobody else bothers to protect me so I have to defend myself.

After that punch, Kyla never dared to bite me again. We started playing in the yard together again, but she never bit me again. She learned her lesson. What can I say? Sometimes it's smart to show your claws.
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You cute little girl! I cant believe there are kids who like to bite people to bleed. That's crazy. I am happy to hear she learned her lesson :D