Embarrassing Sleepevoer: The Week

I woke up the next morning I woke up I was drowsy. Something felt weird but I couldn't put my finger on it. When I gained my vision I saw Anthony's dad changing my diaper. Normally I would've through a big fuss, but I was too tired to care. After I was changed I was told to wash my hands so I could eat breakfast. When I got to the table to everyone else was already eating. Anthony's dad fixed pancakes for breakfast. I pulled up a chair at the counter and sat down groggy like. Anthony asked if I slepted well. I just nodded my head as I am not a morning person. Once my plate was served I started to eat. The first few times the I kept dropping the pancakes on my lap and the counter. Anthony’s mom said if I kept eating the way I did she would have to feed my herself. She said it in a joking matter but in some ways she was serious. After breakfast everyone went inside Anthony's to play sonic heroes until it was time for everyone to leave.

Around 4 o'clock everyone started to leave, there was one problem though. My parents weren't there to pick me up. I was a little worried at first but then my mom and dad walked through the door with more bags and more of my diaper supplies. I was wondering what was going on. My mom then informed me the she had called last night while I was asleep and told Anthony's parents that they were taking a trip to Vegas for my aunts anniversary. They dropped my sister off at a friends house and I would be spending the whole week at Anthony's house. I was so excited I jumped up and down cheering. Mom then kissed me on the forehead and said goodbye. My dad just gave off that Macho act , telling me to be good. I guess its his own way of saying goodbye.

We had the whole week to spend time with each other and just have fun. The rest of the day was uneventful, at least until bed time. I was changed before I was put in my sleeper and then off to bed. I was handed a bottle, the same as the night before. Anthony just giggled a bit at my embarrassment. Anthony's mom then told us that they planned a trip to Knott's Berry Farm. We were excited for the trip to Knott's on Friday.

In the morning I woke up to the sound on the buzzer signaling it was time to get up and get ready to go to school. Anthony was the first one up to go to the bathroom to wash up. I just stayed under the covers and laid there until Anthony's mom came in and ordered me to get up. Upon this I got up slowly from underneath the covers. Anthony's mom had the changing mat already set up along with the supplies. She motioned me near the mat and unzipped my sleeper pulled off from me. Then she took off the tapes to my diaper and proceeded to continue with the diaper changing. After I was in a nice clean diaper I was left with nothing else on. Anthony came out as I was getting ready to enter. When he saw me in just my diaper he giggled a bit. Now I am at the table eating some oatmeal, all dressed up with everything ready. I was eating the Peaches and Cream flavor, my favorite. Anthony was eating the regular flavor and added sugar to it. Out of no where Anthony's mom took the spoon away, sat me on her lap, and started to feed me. At first I protested but she then pointed out some oatmeal on the counter. I didn't even notice that happened. Once she was done she drove us to school.

When we arrived on campus we noticed our whole class was standing by the door after the bell rang. Me and Anthony went up to one of our classmates and asked what was going on. The classmate said that we was having another substitute. In case your wondering, for some apparent reason the teacher that use to work there left and the school still couldn't find a permanent teacher. So it was a constant switch off with subs. Finally the sub was there and we came into the classroom. I was glad, it was freezing outside. It was so cold that I could barely move my fingers. The sub introduced himself, but as most student are when they have a sub, they paid no attention to him. The guy got agitated and raised his voice to capture the attention of the class, which worked. He then proceeded to introduce himself and gave us an assignment. He told us we could work in groups as long as we was at a respectable tone. Immediately our whole group moved at one table and started on the assignment. About half way through the class I could feel that my diaper was soaked and saggy. Knowing this I immediately walked up to the sub and asked if I could go to the bathroom. At first he denied me until I pulled out a card given to me by Nurse Julia saying "Restroom Pass". I walked out of class and went straight to nurse Julia's office. She already knew what I was in for and immediately pulled out my supplies and proceeded to change me. After I was done I walked back to the classroom hoping no one got suspicious which I'm pretty sure they did seeing how I was in there for almost 10 minutes. I knocked at the door waiting for someone to answer, but I got a huge surprise. It was Caylon that answered the door. We greeted each other like we were long lost friends. He went to my old school. He knew I wore diapers and he use to tease me about it, but later on we eventually became good friends. He started to brag about how cool I was to the class. Personally, I didn’t think so.

At recess we continued our game of Inuyasha when one kid asked if any of the boys wanted to play football. I’m not really a sports person but I up for new things. Anthony, Jordan, and I followed the kid to the rest of the teams. We were given our assigned teams and started to play. I was having lots of fun. Actually I wasn’t all that bad. I got 3 touch downs. I was tackled many times though. At one point I was tackled by 2 guys at once. When they got up they could see my diaper. When they saw they immediately shouted “this kid is wearing diapers!” I was so embarrassed. Everyone gathered around me and started to laugh and tease me. Then some of the kids started to kick me. I was crying the whole time begging them to stop. that’s when Anthony and Jordan rushed in to save me. They told everyone to back off or they would be the ones doing the kicking. In my heart I was happy but I didn’t want them to make things worse with unnecessary violence. Soon the group of kids gathered around us surrounding us. I was scared I didn’t want any of this to happen. Everything was crashing down on me at once. I couldn’t take it. I ended up bawling out of fear.

Suddenly a high school student came and asked what was going on. I guess he saw me bawling. He announced to everyone to back away. It turns out that he was well known around the school and was highly respected by many. Most of the kids walked away, some others was still teasing from a distance as they walked away. I was still sobbing, frightened at what just happened. The high school students name was Erin. He lifted up by the shoulders and asked if I was ok. Between sobs I replied that I wasn’t alright. After consoling me he left. He was only out of class because he was going to the restroom so he couldn’t stay out that long. After he left I was still sobbing, my diaper was now soaked. I was walked all the way the nurses office by Alexis and the rest of the gang while being laughed at and teased on my way there. When I walked into to the nurses office nurse Julia asked me if I was ok. I was still sobbing and could hardly speak. Mumbles and babbles came from my mouth. She picked me up by the shoulders and started to change me. She kept trying to ask me but I couldn’t speak. When she snapped the last tapes together she lifted me up onto her lap and rocked me till I eventually calmed down. Once I was calm I told her about what happened. She conformed this when she saw the scratches and broses on my body. At that time I was still in nothing but my uniform shirt and diaper. She rummaged through her medical kit and nursed me wounds. At this time I felt a lot better. I was in there for about 10 minutes and by that time recess had ended. It was time to go to class but I was too nervous to enter the classroom. After a few seconds of pondering I walked to class. Alexis was the only one still waiting for me outside. I was more comfortable now that she was around. Upon entry a burst of laughter emerged from nearly the whole class. The only ones who weren’t laughing was my friends and Caylon. When I was walking to my seat I felt a slap on my rear. Clearly everyone heard the crinkling from my diaper. Everyone laughed even harder. Alexis still by my side walked me to my seat and sat behind.

I heard mean comments like “diaper-boy”, “baby-face”, and thumb sucker.

Class continued with the constant taunts and laughter from other students. Lunch time was even worse. When I was standing in the lunch line kids her pushing and hitting me. When I sat down at the lunch table with my friends some kids started throwing milk at me. I left my lunch on the table and ran crying, it was more than I could take. I found a secluded area in the school and sat there crying. I didn’t even bother going back to class after lunch. I heard my name being called on the speaker phone a couple of times to go to the office but I didn’t. I stayed in the corner crying.

A campo then found me in my secluded space and asked what was wrong. When she asked I cried even more thinking back at what happened. She took me by the hand gently and led me to the office. In the office I saw Caylon sitting in the chair along some of the kids who through the milk at me. It turned out that Caylon reported the incident to the office. The kids who through the milk was getting suspended. I was glad at what Caylon did for me. Afterwards we both headed to class. There wasn’t any teasing surprisingly. Caylon also informed the class of my medical condition as well. I was glad I had someone like him backing me.

School ended, instead of going to the spot where I normally got picked by the daycare sitter, I was picked up my Anthony’s mom. She asked us how school went. It became silent. She asked if something happened, then Anthony told her about the incident at school. She was mortified. She was going to go to the principal but I told her it was already settled. She was glad and continued driving.

Once we got to the house she checked my diaper to see if it was wet. Indeed it was, so she got my changing supplies and began to change my diaper in her room. After she finished diapering me I went into Anthony’s room and we played video games. His mom came in the room about an hour later and asked if we wanted to go out and eat at red lobster once Anthony’s dad got home from work. We replied with a loud and exciting “Yes

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Like this new part

He was in tears when we helped him it was the right thing to do I was originally the only one that was going to put on a diaper until the box of diapers came and they all grabbed one and said were with you

I am sorry for that I know a friend I wrestled with in peewee wrestling wore diapers and was pants by our team and I stood up through the guys out of the way waved to my friends and they came to help we huddled around him and me while I pulled up his sync let which is what wrestlers wear we then took him to a a area of the school wear silo me guys said was private I told him to go get his dad and and someone did for him and he went to the spot we all took care of him and made him feel better and I said do you have any extra diapers so me and ten other guys who protected him before asked to be put in a diaper with no undies with if he changed us and gave Ben a bottle and cood him I said first one to laugh is in trouble we wrestled in them and were all panced by our teams and we said this is what friends do I got second at the tournament and lost to a guy who panced us and I said I gave a great friend so who cares about a trophy we all went to McDonald's after the match still in our diapers and had a blast his dad even changed us into new ones we had a four day long sleep over and we only used diapers and wore no pants all the time we were there

That's cool. You guys make great friends :)
I am glad you guys helped him out. Almost brings me to tears :)

I was undiagnosed with asthma as a child. It really affected me in JR and SR High School when we had to run a mile every day for PE. The PE Teachers started teasing me as well as all the teasing and bullying that I already received on a daily basis from the rest my classmates ever since the first grade. I wish that I had had a couple of really good friends like you had to support you and stick up for you. You were lucky, I had no one! I was completely alone in school, I still have very few close friends today as an adult. And Only a very select few of these friends know about my diapers. I am very careful about who I tell anymore as I have been humiliated for it, by a former girl friend, that was the end of that relationship.

Sorry to hear that dude. Sounds like you had it rough. But at least now you have some friends. I don't worry about who knows I am in diapers now. I am blunt about it. It doesn't bother me as much as it use to. I had a gf and she didn't think anything of it. Nearly all my friends know and they're cool with it. High school was much easier than it was for me in elementary and middle school.

Thanks, My own mother still hasn't accepted the fact that I have to wear diapers. She thinks that I am just too lazy to get up in the night. But yet within 2 hours of going to sleep I am wet, I can pee right before bed and still be wet 2 hours later. For someone that used to work in the medical field, she is not very understanding. I am not looking forward to September. I am having major surgery on my foot and ankle, and might need help with my diapers at night. Not sure yet, but it is a possibility. I am currently living with my parents to help them out financially, and will still be here after surgery.

For those interested you can find proof here that will show that at the very least

xavbedwet is 16 years old. Please look at the 4 year old system post date that does not lie

unlike xavbedwet here does!

xavbedwet -

You may have deleted my comment to your post but you didn't do it for the reasons you

claimed! You did it to not let people know that there is proof out there showing you are

not who you claim to be. Now because the truth is that the picture could be of you and the

fact that there isn't any questionable ones I am not going to say it isn't you.

The problem comes here - MySpace does not lie about the post dates of the pictures. It is

an automatic system thing and it doesn't lie and it can't be changed. What I am saying is

that you are not at the most part telling the truth about your age. I posted the link not

because I am interested in boys, but because I am interested in exposing the truth! Like I

said before instead of trying to denie FACTS, just be honest and come clean. It stupid of

you to try to argue about post dates.

Finally I am not Gay or a Perv, I am a kid who just wants a safe place to talk to others

that share my interest. I find it annoying that you would try to deflect the obvious lies

about you by trying to say things about me that you can't prove! I can prove you are lying.

As for my picture change I can only suspect that Ilovemybrother must have reported it as

obscene as I got a message yesterday from this site saying it was removed because of it

being obscene which makes me angry because it looks like they don't even look at it before

they remove it. As of now I am fighting that and waiting for their responce. My picture was

in no way obscene. For those who would like proof I am copying and pasting the email here

at the end. After they removed my profile picture I decided to use a picture fron

Experience Project temporarly while I looked for a new profile picture and since I am

trying to do my part in fighting **** and Child Molestors I have decided to use pictures

that represent that. That is until it gets removed once again by this site because they

blindly removed it without looking.

As for me being on those sites I DID NOT go there to look at boys. I went there through a

link on google pictures once I dropped your so called photo into the search bar. I also

don't know who posted the picture and I really don't know how to find out. All I can say is

go to Google pictures and drop the photo you say is you in the search bar and it will come

up with 2 pages of sites where the photo is located. As I mentioned the ones to pay

attention to are the ones with system post dates like the one where your picture was posted

4 years ago. Since you say you are 12 now that would have made you 8 in the picture which

anyone will be able to see is not the case.

The only supporters you have are from other pervs so I would suggest giving up the lies and

I will keep posting the link that proves you are lying to the 4 year old post on MySpace.

Also I tried to talk to you but you have also blocked me as well. If you want to talk then

let me know here and I will be willing to unblock you to listen to your explanation.

I also want to point out that Ilovemybrother, footballcrazy, and ticklish boy are now

proven perves and the photos they had up turned out to be from **** sites with other worse

pictures of them. Anyone wanting proof of this let me know here and I will send it to you.

Below is the email I recieved from this site and my responce:

RE: Experience Project-Profile Picture Removed

Between EPSupport and You

EPSupport Mar 29, 2012 7:22 PM

Oops!--Your last profile photo was removed because it contained nudity, copyrighted

content, or was otherwise offensive.

Please use good judgment in the future when posting images in public areas.

Repeatedly posting inappropriate images may lead to account suspension or removal.

To see a compete list of EP Community Guidelines visit:

EP Link

Thanks for cooperating and for helping us keep EP a fun and comfortable environment for all

our members.

ZackW Mar 29, 2012 7:30 PM

My picture was in no way obscene or contained Nudity it was me in my winter coat playing


Thanks, it's sad but true.

if anyone bullied me i would of punched them in the face your stories are fantastic not the horrible parts but i undertsnad mostly where your coming from

Easier said than done. I was also bullied in school, but when there are 4 or more guys holding you down and knocking the stuffing out of you, it's really hard to punch someone in the nose.

well i was bullied by my whole class and i had to go out fighting and i was jumped but then i wiated till they were alone to ****** them up

That's great and so true. When I got to high school I became popular because I was different. I don't get teased anymore either. High school has been pretty good to me.

kids r pretty mean when ur little but in high school kids get like more sophisticated and understand some kids r just different and dont tease u so much about stuff like wearing diapers or whatever. i had this big brother from a foster home i lived in that took up for me so even the mean kids left me alone

Thanks, and your totally rite. I have a whole bunch of friends now. I'm more confident about myself and I'm popular in school even tho nearly everyone knows about my diapers. I'm better off now, and going on to doing bigger and better dreams.

Trevion, I was a chronic bed-wetter as a child, and I am still dealing with incontinence as an adult.

I was teased quite a bit at school, too. This really had a negative effect on my self-esteem. I have since learned to accept myself for who I am.

I fully understand how people can be cruel to one another. I also believe that someone who teases another is also lacking in self-esteem. Almost to the point of lacking any sense of empathy. Meaning having a closed heart. Sad, huh? They are the ones who truly suffer.

Your friends indicate that they have an open heart, and have soul.

I have read an old Sufi saying. To endure is to be sage-like. All of your experiences, unpleasant as they may be, have strengthened you. You may not sense this now, but believe me, as you grow older, you will.

Cherish your friendships!

And don't allow anyone else to stop you from being you! As they say in writing, develop your own voice.

Trust me. You wouldn't want to trade lives with me. If you knew the otherstuff that went on in my life you would regret sayin that.

fill sorry for you we should trDE lives many that woild work if we could

Dude that is way messed up that all of them kids did that to you! All of the kids that picked on you like that should have been exspelled!! If i was your friend i would have done the same thing and backed you up 100%. What to be friends?

i get teased like that because of my illness i have diabetes and 2 days a go i got chased by a girl with a glass bottle and she new i had the illness and new i could not run as fast as other pepoel and i get called nasty un pleasent names I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL