My First Sleepover

Hi I'm tori and I'm new to experience project and this is my first post I have done I used to write these stories in my diary but now I can share them here all right so here we go

As a kid I was not fully potty trained till I was ten because my bladder was really small for a kid so I was in diapers at night and pull ups during the day but only if I was at school my parents had a rule if you wear diapers your a baby my room was a nursery I used the same crib since I was born the only thing that was replaced was the safety gates and cloths to bigger ones I did like my room I just didn't like the fact thst I always went around the house in someone's arms I rarely ever had normal cloths on I was usually always in a onesie or something babyish like the big dresses that showed my diaper to the whole world well I finally became a big girl at ten and was able to have a slumber party with some girls so I invited my friends who knew I wore diapers and were okay with it so my mom was over protective about me cause I'm the baby youngest out of four brothers and four sisters including me my room was still fairly babyish because I just got out of diapers a week ago and my big girl stuff came next week so the plan was sleepover in the basement but that changed when when my friends arrived we were getting ready to eat dinner it was spaghetti and meatballs when I saw my mom get out my baby dishes I reminded her I'm a big girl and to let me grow up so she backed off till before bed time when she showed the girls where the four bathrooms were so they could take baths or showers before bed she took me to her bathroom and prepared it and was about to wash me when I said mom I'm not a baby knock it off you said I'm a big girl I'm not in diapers anymore she backed off and I knew she liked babying me but I can't be babied all my life or ill never grow up normal so we were all clean and in our pjs and were about to go down to the basement when my mom came in and said alright everyone upstairs the boys are downstairs working on their bikes so you will be in Tori's room I was mad its still a nursery and I knew I'd get laughed at but when I got in there I was surprised all the baby stuff was gone I had a tv ps2 and a waterbed I was so happy I pulled my mom out of the room and said I love you mommy she said are you too old for a before bed snack I said no and went down to the kitchen with her I saw her get milk and two glasses but seeing her face I said mommy maybe I'm not to old to have a baba full of warm milk she smiled prepared me one and fed me which I loved then I went upstairs we watched a movie till 10 and went to sleep and I was feeling pretty good about this sleepover now

I will post the next part if people want me to
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yes please part two.

I just found this and saw you posted story #2! Thank-you!

post the rest pleas

Please post more

Post more please its a good story so far