My First Sleepover Part 2

Please do not read this story until you read part 1

So after the movie was done we all got in our sleeping bags and went to sleep we woke up at seven and luckily I was dry but when one girl Maddy didn't get up so when all the other girls went to the bathroom I asked Maddy if she was ok she said she wet herself and well knowing my parents policy I took her to the bathroom and helped her clean up I told her I won't tell my mom because she will put you in a diaper it's the rule at my house she was happy that my mom didn't find out we went down to breakfast and my mom didn't suspect anything until my dad came in and I could tell he found the sleeping bag he then asked if the girls wanted their sleeping sleeping bags washed they all accepted so they went to get their bags then he said Maddy is this your bag she said yes it was soaked so she was taken upstairs and changed into a pull up because in my house if you wet you are a treated like a toddler who is being potty trained if you wet your pull up you are a baby and get treated as such she was not to thrilled to be in a pull up and I was to preoccupied worrying about her that I just wet myself and my dad took me upstairs and put a pull up on me and said don't start this again or your room will be back to being a nursery in two hours we were both downstairs being told the rules of being in pull ups rule 1 you must wear a pull up all day rule 2 you are not allowed to take off your pull up rule 3 if you have to go potty come get mommy or daddy to help you rule 4 you must use a potty training potty rule 5 mommy or daddy must clean you up and redress you rule 6 if you wet or mess in your pull up you will be put into baby diapers because your not ready for potty training yet rule 7 all pull up wearers must take naps 2 each day rule 8 if your in diapers you sleep in a crib rule 9 if your bad and break a rule you are spanked then put down for a nap rule 10 baby's in diapers must sleep in cribs rule 11 you get dressed anyway mommy or daddy see fit rule 12 no walking just crawling no drinking from cups just bottles no big kid food baby food only with certain exceptions

I was used to this but Maddy looked like she was going to cry then I saw why she was tearing up she saw two baby bottles coming and knew she was going to have to drink one of them my dad picked me up and started to feed me while my mom laid Maddy on her lap and fed her I knew eventually the girls would come out and see us but I guess I was just paranoid for Maddy so when we were done they said all right go upstairs and have fun we will get you in about two hours to take a nap so we went upstairs and when we got in the room we were grabbed and our pants were taken off reveling our pull ups and they made fun of us then they held us down and started tickling us till we peed our pull ups but they weren't satisfied yet so they kept it up and we eventually pooped our diapers once they smelt it they all went ewe the babies pooped themselves so then they went to get my parents they came in checked us it was confirmed we pooped and peed in our pull ups so they picked us up and called in my brothers to reassemble my room the way it was but leave the big girl things on the other side of the room for the other girls

My dad was really mad at us but more at me so he cleaned me up then put me over his lap and spanked me butt makes in front of Maddy who was being cleaned up by my mom my dad spanked me for five minutes and I cried the entire time then when he was satisfied he left the bathroom and said I'm going to help the boys reassemble your room we were put into the tub and washed us together and once we were all cleaned up my mom put us on the table and diapered us my dad came in with my baby outfits put us in blanket sleepers and brought us back to my room and my dad asked does anyone have experience with babies Kelly and Irisa said they did they were given a bottle and one of us and told to make sure we behave while the rooms being rebuilt for the little ones they fed us our bottles and when we were done with them we were sort of just looking at each other going oh crap I can't believe this is happening to us just before we could say something a pacifier was shoved in each of our mouths and pinned to our onesie so we couldn't lose it then when the room was done I was put into my crib and Maddy was put in the second crib that was brought up with mine and they said its baby's nap time the other girls went down and went swimming while we slept as soon as everyone left I told her I'm sorry that you have to go through this Maddy responded at least I'm not alone then my dad came in and says you want another spanking then he pointed to the baby ministers and said if you make too much noise we will be up here and you will get a big spanking for being bad we just stayed quiet and went to sleep

When we woke up the girls were downstairs chilling and eating popcorn and watching a movie so we just laid there until my dad came up because he heard us storing he asked if we wanted to go swimming we said we did so he changed our diapers and put us in little swimmers diapers and a ting top so we could swim after an hour we went to the hot tub to relax and while in there we started talking and I told her I just got out of diapers a week ago she got out of them two weeks ago I was surprised to hear her say that she wore pull ups to school so she could go to the bathroom by herself and if she wet she would just go get a new one from the nurse who had a case of her pull ups incase she needed a change after we were done with soaking in the hot tub we went inside and were changed back into our regular diapers and a onesie then we had dinner my parents made spaghetti and meatballs Maddy and my food was puréed so it was easier to eat we were each in a highchair I was fed by my mom and Maddy by my dad after dinner we were a mess our bibbs face and onesies were dripping with spaghetti so we were getting bathed and when we were done we were brought back to the room in just a towel then when we were in there Kelly and Irisa dried us and then put us on the changing table changed us into our night time diapers which are cloth diapers and put in to footy pajamas and then they gave us a bottle and set us in our cribs to the night tucked us in and went to the water bed to relax until they went to sleep I was still up watching the movie with them until I finally passed out

There is another day of the sleepover I will post it if you want but first I want to hear your comments on the story and if I like them ill post it
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