I remember when I was going out with this girl, she told me once that one day her mum took her to the doctors because her back was hurting, she told me that her mum told her to have a shower while she laid out her clothes on her bed, she was about 14 or 15 at the time, she said when she got out of the shower and went into her bedroom, her mum, sister and brother was in there waiting, I need to get changed mum, go ahead, drop your towel and just do it, but Tim will see me naked, so he's going to see you nude at the doctors anyway, she protested, but to no avail, so reluctantly she dropped her towel, she grabbed her knickers, slow down girl, let him see you, but its rude mum, that's what you always told me, well now I've changed my mind, all of you kids will be more open in future, you're bodies are nothing to be ashamed of, she told me her brother was staring at her ***** more than her boobs, she pulled her knickers on, and then dressed and went to the doctors, then when they got there more embaressment was to come because she didn't see her usual doctor but a young male one, she told me she could have died when he asked her to ***** to her panties, she had to lay on the couch, he felt all the way down her spine, he then pulled her knickers down below her bum, her brother saw everything,he sent her to the hospital for some x-rays, so again her brother saw her in her panties, and she had to remove her bra because it had wire in it, in the end asurgeon gave her some injections in the base of her spine, but that was done in surgery away from her brothers eyes.
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BS !

I bet she loved it really.