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My Doctor Was Mother-in-law

When I married my first wife, we were in our early 20's and we were broke. My wife's mom was a doctor, but she was a small-town doctor and definitely not rich. It wouldn't have mattered, however, if she had been a billionaire: she was tight with a buck and my wife was out of the house and on her own. The only break she gave us was in the form of free medical care at her clinic. My wife was okay with it. After all, it was her mom. I was not keen on being seen by my mother-in-law for any reason, especially since she didn't like me at all. Which of course guaranteed I would need a doctor and have to see her. I developed a raging urinary tract infection and it refused to get better on its own. My wife set it up so that I could see her after the clinic closed. I explained to my wife that I did not want an exam under any circumstances and she said that was okay with her mom. I went to the clinic and waited in the back until she finished her last patient. She came in and asked a few questions, mostly about STD's, and then told me to take my pants down. I argued but she told me that if I wanted her help, I'd have to cooperate. Having no choice, I had to let her examine me. When she palpated my testicles, she was rough and it felt like she was squeezing them to death. She took a few culture swabs. I had the distinct impression that she made this part as painful as possible, also.  It seemed surreal to look down and see her holding my penis in her hand and using that swab on me. 
She gave me some antibiotic samples and I got over the UTI, but I never got over having her examine me. It creeped me out no end.  No, I did not get even so much as a partial erection when she examined me.  Well, at least that time I didn't.  
Frank8812 Frank8812 46-50, M 3 Responses Jun 2, 2012

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i would love that. i walk in on my MIL when i can. she's short and fat, huge behind and udders that are literally to her belly button, haven't seen her ****, too much belly but i've let her see me down and full mast and i make sure she can hear me giving it to her daughter

My MIL wasn\'t big like that. She was just mean-looking and definitely not attractive. My ex\'s complaint about this story is that she thinks I left out some important elements of what happened. I may post her take on it soon.

It sounds a lot better in retrospect than it was at the time. It wouldn't have been so bad if she hadn't disliked me so much. I could have enjoyed it, I think.

Sorry to hear that you had such a bad experience bro, but man, what I would do to be in your shoes. I'd LOVE to have my MIL examine me!