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At The Urologist's Office...

I had an appointment today with a female urologist. I went in, filled out paperwork, provided a urine sample and sat down to wait and wait and wait.
I was called to the back by a good-looking nurse named Sara. My joy was short-lived as about thirty seconds later, she was called away and was replaced by someone who looked like a refugee from the Golden Girls.
After the vitals were taken, a male resident came in and he didn't seem too smart to me. He left and I could hear him rehashing our conversation with my doctor out in the hall.
She came in and introduced herself. My first thought when I saw her was that she is a good bit older than her online pic. We talked and she decided to do a cystoscope to check out my bladder. It took a while, but they led me to the back and set me up for the procedure.
A young and pretty nurse (initials "A.C.") told me to undress and sit on the table with a sheet over my lap. When she came back, she made me comfortable and then got me ready for the scope.
She took off the sheet and grabbed my penis and got a firm grip on it.  Then she swabbed the head of my penis with betadine and then she took a big syringe and squirted stuff into my penis to numb it.  She placed a clamp on the end of my penis to keep the numbing agent in. She was handling me a lot and I was partially erect when she finished.  She kept looking back and forth from my penis to my face.  I think she was expecting me to say something or maybe express embarrassment, but I didn't.
She left and the doc came in and they inserted the scope. It only hurt when it passed through my prostate. They took a good look at the inside of my bladder and then they were done. The doc left and the nurse was going to let me get cleaned up and dressed. She was in a big hurry to leave, but I told her, "You've seen everything anyway, so just go ahead and toss me the washcloth," and sat there totally exposed from the waist down.
Her comment was, "Okay, we don't have any discretion back here, anyway."
I have no idea what that was supposed to mean, but that's what she said.
She tossed me the wet washcloth and got the hell out of there. She didn't close the door all the way and while I was sitting there exposed another nurse walked by the door. I don't know if she saw anything, but she could have if she looked in. I got dressed and left.
Frank8812 Frank8812 46-50, M 2 Responses Oct 30, 2012

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Medical exams remove all one's privacy and embarrassment, you just provide the equipment to be examined and they are not too bothered who sees it.

My first cystoscopy is scheduled for the end of March.