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Does anyone else remember those school medicals we used to have? I went to school in Scotland, and every couple of years a doctor would come and examine us. We had to undress to our bra and knickers for the exam. We were weighed and measured, eye and hearing test. After this, I had to take my bra off whilst the doctor listened to my heart, and looked at my boobs. I had to bend over and touch toes, had reflexes tested. Finally the doc pulled my knickers forward, and had a look "down below". No fun at all at the time.

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new friend at the time does that mean you think you'll enjoy it now

I hated it and I really do think it should be restricted to same sex examiners.

Agreed, it should have been.

hated it as well

The most embarrassing medical I had was soon after I started secondary school: our parents were invited to attend and although most pupils' didn't my mother did take up the invitation. The female doctor had a son in the same year as me and she and my mother were blithely carrying on a conversation about nudity and puberty while I was blushing fit to burn with my underpants pulled down - I don't remember now, nearly 50 years on, whether it was me or her who did it - and the doctor was palpating my scrotum. It makes me blush just to remember - needless to say, i made sure my mother never attended another medical in my life.

I get a lot of embarrassing medicals, im in hospital now waiting for a cystoscopy, sat in an ill fitting gown and nothing else, have a read and comment on my feature story x

have a read of my story urodynamcis , that certainly isn't fun and I get them every year almost x

how do you feel about it now i have to go to the hospital for check ups and ***** down with nurses there i have to keep my mind on other things or else

A couple of years ago, I went for a leg ultrasound to rule out DVT-deep vein thrombosis, which endless commercials convinced me I had. When I got into the exam room the technician, a pretty long haired brunette, said "please remove your pants so I can rub you down with jelly." OMG! I don't think I've ever undressed faster. I had to concentrate to avoid revealing how much I enjoyed the procedure.

i am the same never had it go fully up but it did start on one occasion and they finished just in time and i covered up quickly

I hated those exams. They were embarrassing and uncomfortable but they did help with my memorization as I recited the Declaration of Independence in my head to avoid an embarrassing erection during a brief testicular exam.

I like your story; I went to a all girl school from 4th grade until 8Th grade and like you every year a nurse sometimes a male nurse would exams us girls. Now we would be required to undress put on a very light examing robe. He would feel our breast check our blood presure, stick a stick in our mouth. Make us bend over and touch our knees. Yes very embarrassing at lease while I was young but as I got older I enjoy it more. But if you ever backed talked then the NUN would give me or any other girl 10 hard swats with the lordly paddle. And yes it would make me cry every time plus I would get it again when I got home even harder.

The exams were bad enough, I wouldn't have been able to cope with a whacking as well. There were plenty of them for other reasons.