When I Was 17.....

When I was 17 I came out in a rash around my breasts, my bum and my vagina. It was really itchy and sore and the more I scratched the worse I left it. Eventually I had to tell my mam, her first reaction was that it was an STD to which I told her it wasn't (honestly it wasn't, was still a virgin at that time). When she eventually believed me I was taken to the doctor's.

In with the doctor (thankfully a woman) I explained what the problem was and she nodded and then asked me to *****. I had never been seen naked by anyone since I was about 6. I couldn't believe how nervous I was but the doctor was amazingly patient with me. Eventually I'd all my clothes off and see gave me an examination but it was one of the most embarrassing things I've ever had done. She examined all round my breasts, all round my vagina and even up my bum, I'm pretty sure I was crimson. Eventually I was told I could get dressed but she told me to leave my underwear off.

Why? Because my underwear was rubbing against the rash and making it worse. I had to go without underwear to let my skin breathe and let the rash heal, she even advised wearing loose fitting clothes when I was at home. Turns out the reason for the rash was due to new underwear I bought. To this day if I wear new underwear I'll still come out in rash. If i want to wear underwear I have to wash it at least 5 or 6 times before I can wear them!!!
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Interesting......very interesting..

I have heard of this before from my wife. A change in washing powder can produce the same bad results.

Maybe I cud wear dem for a while 4 u xxx he he

Might be the type of fibers you are allergic to. Maybe cotton material will be better for you.

Not really sure, initially I tried to figure it out but the rash kept coming back so now I either wash them a good few times (minimum of 5 times) or else don't wear them. Washing them usually works though!

A lady told me to not wear underwear because the body needs to breathe. Especially if you are at home and you are doing nothing. It's good to wear undies when you are on your period. She was alternative healing s professional. Lol

Ha, maybe she had a point, I was told the same thing by the doctor!