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I was being given a full physical and had an ****** while the male doctors fingers were inside of me

jewess jewess 26-30, F 38 Responses Aug 18, 2009

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Just how long were his fingers in you?

I am a fetish doctor and am available to examine ladies contact me for details

wow <br />
did he enjoy it?

In my early days of being a doctor I found out that the somewhat older women in particular where already really wet before I started the gyno exam. Unfortunately I had to ignore it! <br />
But it started my doctor-(female)patient-play in private life. <br />
I bought a gyno-chair, several specula, catheters, urethral / cervical sounds, plugs, ******, vibraters, a TENS-unit and several electrodes (rectal, vaginal, urethral), <br />
and enema sets. <br />
So I and several women could give rein to our passions..!!

Go Girl! Nice one! ;-P

This is almost an ethnic joke. Almost. There's one in there someplace. Anyway, I wouldn't worry about it too much. My best friend is a doc, and he's had similar things happen. He's generally found it flattering and feels a little guilty about it. He's Catholic.

I worked as a male nurse for 6 years including time in in a community clinic where I had a lot of hot experiences with patients. If I could tell that a woman was getting turned on by having me see and touch her private areas, or even get embarassed by it, it was a big turn on for me. Sometimes girls would do things that I didnt ask them to do that were extra embarassing like if I said I was going to take their temperature theyd sometimes asssume I meant rectally and blush, just roll oer and bare their butts! That was always hot and I often took advantage of it by using a glass thermometer that you have to hold on to the whole time, giving me an excuse to rest a lubed finger on their vaginal opening and see how they reacted to that.. sometimes theyd squirm a little which only caused my finger to silp inside deeper! Sometimes I would give girls enemas when it wasnt really nescessary, just to humiliate them if they had a prissyattitude and sometimes I'd make them pee in a cup while I watched. I'd have to give their private areas a good cleaning before & after, and I did have a few of them climax or get real close with lots of moaning But even tho Im straight, I would occasionally have fun with young guys too if they got hard,. When I saw that happen, Id spend extra time examining their penis, and hope that all the rubbing would result in a premature ejac which sometimes did happen, and that was very hot too.

Hey "wintergirl" - that can be easily arranged, send me an e-mail:

Wow! I must say that was quite an exam!

I wish i was your doc.....

I got an erection during the prostate exam. The Dr's finger was up my *** and I couldn't help it. When I turned around she could see it as clear as day. I apologized but she only remarked, "It happens, please don't be concerned."

had a few embarrassing docot/nurse moments too.i prematorely ejactulated when a female doctor i had as a kid and teen held my penis and balls had nurses giggle and say comments about my smallness as a teen i was a pretty late bloomer

I would LOVE to be turned on by a gyno exam. But all the docs have been so rough and not gentle. But I would love to get off on an exam.<br />
<br />
Would love to hear more if you have more.

Full story? Email me at insp1_sla<x>, or check out my stories. I would love to make you have an ****** at the dr office! Laters.<br />

great story .... i agree no need to be ashamed...the dr may have taken it as a compliment of his good work.... think of what he sees probly gave him some excitement as well.....

he did not say anything he prob did not want to embarress me further

How did he react, if at all?

Wow- what a sexy story! That must have been sooo embarrassing at the time! Do you find it a turn-on, or is it just an experience you'd rather forget?

thanks for sharing your story... it is obvious the guys don't think you should be embarrassed. And the ladies that commented think it is normal as well.<br />
<br />
I have a female doctor and love the exams, but haven't yet gotten off during the exam :) That might require some role play!

It' good to see years of studying and training have paid off!.

my entire body locked up and lots of liquid was on hin glove

I think I need to change my specialty and go into gyno :-P

I am sure he knew it was very very obvious

Wow!!!<br />
Did the doctor know do you think??

The same thing happened to my wife ....first exam ..female doctor. "And this is your G Spot ...oops" ...she wanted to crawl away and hide.

I recently became arroused when I had a nurse remove a tic from my arse. I really don't know why. My wife was there too. I don't think either noticed, well neither said anything!

I don't think you should be embarrassed at all but should rather delight in the fact that you are so sensitive to stimulation and enjoy each and every ****** in life.

One club I went to had an OB/GYN room, stirrups and all, for just those sort of fantasies. It must be a popular one!

very hot, i fantasize about my wife being pleasured by her doctor. would love to hear more.

Wondering from the ladies, did the doctor know at the time he was making you ***? I mean I'm sure they could feel the gush but were there any telltale smiles or maybe an extra finger movement or two?