Doctor's Comments During Exam

I was having a routine physical with a nurse taking notes as the doctor examined me when he asked me, "Aren't your testicles very small?" I thought the nurse was going to break her neck trying to get a peak. While I was still undressed the doctor brought out a book that displayed pictures of various sized testicles and showed me that mine were equal to the smallest shown. I never went back to him for anything.

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That doctor is very tacky.

What is SPH?

BTW, that doctor showed poor judgement by embarrassing you like that in front of other kids!

Had a doctor make comments about me when I was younger. When I was in 5th grade, this was back in 1968 in Los Angeles, I had my first experience with being naked in front of other people. Our grade school, was having all of the students in to have physical examinations. No big deal, I had had my throat and ears checked before, little did I realize, this was going to be a very different exam.

I remember being called into the nurses office. They would call us in, in groups of three. I don't remember if they did all the girls one day, and the the boys the next, but we were separate boys from girls, but always in groups of three. When we got to the nurse's office we were all three together, led into the inside office, and we were instructed to remove our clothes. All of us went down to our briefs without to much problem.

Let me say this, I have always been somewhat fat, so as a 10 year boy, I probably had larger breasts than any girl my age, so maybe I was a little more self conscious than the others. I also suffer from having a small penis, fully erect now as a an adult male, I measure out to 3 3/4 inches, so at 10 years old, I was very small indeed. But I digress.

There we are in the nurse's office the three of us seated on a small couch, wearing nothing but our underwear. The nurse comes back in and tells us, we need to take ALL of our clothes off, including our shorts. Now I am really anxious, but we are 10 year old kids in 1968, and an adult at school is instructing us to do something, so we all take off our shorts, and sit back down trying not to look at one another.

The doctor, and nurse both come in to the examination room. Male doctor, female nurse. The doctor calls each of us over one at a time. He checks our ears, nose, throat, all the usual stuff, except now, each of us is standing there naked in front of not only these two adults, but also two other kids from our class! The doctor checks our heart, and then something I have never been asked to do, he wants to get our hearts beating faster, he has a small step there in the office, and he asks each of us to step up and down on this step for 30 seconds, so he'll be able to listen to our heart beating faster. Needless to say, me being fat, everything jiggled! Must have been quite a show for my friends! This however is not the end, now he wants to check our "development", so he starts the scrotum check. He makes a comment to me how it just SEEMS like my penis is small, because I am so FAT. He assures me that my penis will grow to a normal size as I develop and lose weight. As he is feeling around for my testes, he mentions that it seems as if though only one of my testes has "dropped", as he can not feel the other one. I assure him that I have felt the second one in my scrotum. After a little more digging he says, oh yes, there it is, but it does feel a little smaller than the other one. So now my two classmates know that I have breasts like a girl, an underdeveloped penis and that one of my testicles is smaller than the other. Thank You doctor!

I really do not remember getting dressed and going back to class. I do not even remember which of my classmates were with me that day. I do know that this experience pretty much has effected me from that day forward. Ever the fat kid with the tiny ****! It is no wonder that into my adulthood I have been fascinated by SPH. I don't really like the stories of mean SPH, but I look for others like myself who have been scarred, and have been strangely titillated by the experience.

How insensitive. I wonder if he ever wondered why he lost so many patients?

I understand. Both the doctor and the nurse were very unprofessional.

I had a smaller penis as well. The doctor never said anything about it but I alway wondered what he was thinking. I remember one exam where there was a nurse in the room for my exam. I went to school with her daughter and I was worried she would tell her daughter that she saw my small penis.

The size of the equipment doesn't have anything to do with its fertility or usefulness. Xaviera Hollander, aka 'The Happy Hooker' wrote many years ago that one of her best lovers had been a man with small equipment. Her comment 'He knew how to use what he had and he brought the right attitude to bed'.

I'm a nurse myself and I really think a blushing guy with a small penis is always a nice thing to see. I always have to suppress a smile :)

i knomw what you mean i had a female docter all my life i overheard her talking to her nurses after i had a exam last year they were all giggling talking about my size

god i been their i was 14 i was sick and had to stay in the hospital well a male nurse brought me too take a bath in a room that had lots of bath tubs in it i bathed then got out i saw there was no towel i looked around for one then in walked 6 female nurses i frooze they all stared at my naked body they giggled alittle then one nurse said you might want to cover that little thing they giggled they gave me a towel then once when i was 15 i was at my family docters i asked her why i wasnt growing penis wise . i started puberty at 12 but stalled till i was 16 i had 4 hairs at 15 yr old my penis hard was 3.5 inchs limp alittle over 1.5 inchs well as i stood in her exam room completely naked waiting for her she came in then opened the other door and said you all can come in and in came 5 female interns they all looked at me one of them i over heard her say to my docter a week earlier hes cute well now she saw all i had my doc went threw the exam then one intern said is his penis gonna stay as small as it is that got a few giggles my doc said dhe didnt know then as my doc left the room one intern said you better hope it grows

I found a BIG book at Borders's book store entitled Penises! Believe it or not!

hahaha oh god, and a book of balls? oh no