The Most Embarrassing Moment of My Life

When I was young, I used to wet the bed. It was always the same. I would wake up all drowsy and go to the washroom. Except it would be a dream and I'd wake up in a soiled bed. To this day, if I wake up and go to the washroom really drowsy, I pause and ask myself if it's just a dream. Anyway, it stopped around the age of 10 with the last few incidents being at age 11.

One day at the age of 18, I had that mother f*cking dream again! It fooled me and, yet again, I woke up in my own mess. As embarrassing as that is, it wouldn't have been THAT bad had I just been able to keep it a secret and wash the sheets the next day. But as fate would have it, I was not alone that night. My girlfriend was sleeping right next to me. I had a moment of panic. I looked over and she was sound asleep. What the **** do I do?? Ok... calm down. Go clean up and... get... a towel and cover it. Hope she doesn't see the towel and somehow you'll get through this! I very slowly crept out of bed and headed to the washroom to clean up. I made my way back ever so quietly only to find her awake in bed propped up on one arm. I froze in fear and embarrassment. "Did you wet the bed?" she asked in a sort of low motherly voice. With the saddest puppy face, I nodded. "Were you going to tell me?" I slowly shook my head. "I woke up and rolled over to cuddle you but all I felt was this warm puddle." I was still frozen in place with the puppy face. After a short pause, she said, "It's ok." I relaxed a bit. I changed my boxers, pulled out a towel, covered the puddle and hopped back into bed. She cuddled my side. The night fell quiet again as we relaxed ourselves to sleep. She broke the silence with a smirk: "I can't believe you wet the bed!"

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1 Response Aug 19, 2009

I am certain that she didn't know exactly what to say. I don't think you should feel embarrassed. It is just something that you have to deal with in life. Good luck and I hope this doesn't happen to you in the future.