Embarrassing Hospital Experience

After surgery I was unable to urinate. The floor nurse did a bladder ultrasound and it was decided to insert a Foley catheter to relieve my urinary retention. The floor nurse arrived seeming rattled, perhaps because she had too much to do. She pulled up my hospital gown, put on sterile gloves and proceeded to cleanse the head of my penis. This was being watched by my private duty night nurse. She then injected some lubricant into my urethra and started to insert the catheter. Then she hit my enlarged prostate and it stopped. *She pushed and pushed but was unable to advance the catheter. As you can imagine I was quite uncomfortable and alarmed at this, not to mention embarrassed. Both gloved hands were quite covered with lubricant by this point, so the hand grasping my penis kept sliding down the shaft. *This went on for some time, as she kept telling me she was sorry. Perhaps you can imagine the effect this tightly squeezing hand had on my penis as it repeatedly slid down the shaft.*At this point my private duty nurse said "let me hold his penis, you push" and putting on a pair of gloves grasped my penis, which was by this point nearly erect in spite of the discomfort.*The floor nurse said she would do it and took my penis back, but still her fingers kept sliding down the shaft. I was trying hard not to *********.The private duty nurse said she would get help from the nurse practitioner as the floor nurse kept working. * After a few minutes of this the nurse practitioner arrived, donned gloves and proceeded to urge the catheter past my reluctant prostate gland. *At his moment a young respiration technologist walked in to install a cpap machine and we all five hung there for a moment in time: me, a triumphant looking nurse practitioner, two deflated looking nurses and a horrified looking lab tech, all staring at my newly catheterized mostly erect penis. *I was mortified, uncomfortable and quite aroused.
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That sounds pretty embarrassing too. Really I was both embarrassed and aroused at the same time.