How To embed Pics In Your Story!

I have one story on here titled something about Airport.  Click my profile and review my stories and you'll see one regarding airport.  That is an example of a story with an embedded photo.  That was accomplished by a complete "cut and paste" from my yahoo group (flashingbabes) that had the photo as a headline. 

Another EP'r gave me a more definitive method of doing it that allows you to embed photo's throughout the story. 

Hey there - the way to imbed images is this:
first you have to upload a pic to a web server - I used -
you will be given a link to the page with your photo on it, for example, something like:

When you add a photo to your story you will be asked for an URL of the photo - in the case of my example that would be:

as you can see there were a couple of changes made to the URL - the addition of image/ after the first slash, the changing of the caps to lower case, and the addition of the .jpg (or whatever the suffix of your pic is). That ought to do it for you!   PJ, the credit is all yours!  Bill in Va.
williemcd williemcd
51-55, M
Feb 11, 2010