To Dream

I want to dream . Dream alive. Dream in living.
Live as I dream. Be as I am in dream.

It seems I tasted this bittersweet dreaming of dreaming in life living. Yet I can't seem to dream.

I dream at night and live the dream.
I long to live and dream the life. The day.

To dream in the day. To dream as I walk and as I breathe.

How do i dream? How do I dream?
LuckymeIshouldsee LuckymeIshouldsee
2 Responses Jul 20, 2010

Good stuff you! Dreamland is as predictable as the dreamer allows it to be. It is the giving of permission from self to dream and from dream-self to dreamer that tends to make one not know what to do while dreaming and walking in the day. We walk in the light, as light, of the light. Still and moving, but no longer through space and time, but where all that is suspended, or, perhaps over which we are suspended. Sing and dance; Smile and love!

Thank you I felt your total inspiration in that and loved it. I actually experienced while meditating a dream of myself while asleep and dreaming the whole thing as if to look into a set of mirrors each giving of another and another and and another set of mirrors and so on and on...., it made sense at the time. I had been inspired to write something on timelessness and as you are with the dreams I got as excited to think about this subject I felt as though I was experiencing it with a group of people and at once I felt a oneness with a lady in the room, so strange because she said she understood , how? I love the creative imagination don't you?