So In Love

hand in glove. so in love

skipping away hand in hand  

sweaty sweet freedom. little tickle nudges

laughing splashing pulling me out

laying in the sun as you drive us away

smile supressing good time

graceful herring water foul  


you press on me and me on you

sun warmed skin so hot to my touch

a nice snug fit against my body

lips never stop touching

full of passion full of need for each other

a great unsatiable need  


feeling you tasting you holding you close

hearing you wanting you  


your willing captive never to be released

sailing the ocean calm soothing waters

protected and held

hold me close and never let go  


just you and me.  no worries no responsibilities

we run away to our loft of laughter

picture perfect in my mind

warm spring morning sunshine on my pain  


people watching holding hands

gently moving round

barely detctable but so obviously there

taking in the new day.  together

sweet touch always there.  connected  


and i say i love you

look into your eyes and see the truth there

reaching out to touch my cheek

you say you love me too  


little moments of pure clarity.   not the time for play.  

DrewBerry DrewBerry
46-50, F
7 Responses Mar 23, 2008

"little moments of pure clarity. not the time for play"<br />

Yeah - it was a long time ago. written for my virtual muse.<br />
<br />
Luv You Sabalicious!

hehehehheeeee<br />
<br />
maybe, but still yummy.

LOL bcj - you're digging up Old Bones with this one!


that first goo goo stage of a relationship, as i call it... nothing better.. <br />
<br />
What happens to that feeling in marriage? Why does it sometimes simply Go Away?

thank you. <br />
your poem elicit memories of falling in love.<br />
it is almost enough to make me wish for it to happen again.