Weedsnests And Promises (aug. 2011)

While tending the weedsnests of the yard today, I noticed the soil was so dry, it was nearly impossible to loose the hold those weeds had.  It made me ponder on the weeds of my life!.

One thing I knew, that if I added water to the mix,  it would soften the soil & the weeds would let go more easily and the burden would be lessoned. 

As I watered, the sun beat down so hard.  Heat...  Hot... It was late August afterall.  It didn't take long to realize that in my own hands was Release.  Comfort.  Soothing Spirit was within my own power to take.

As usual though, I held a thrashing resistance to the change.  It's so different, the cleansing water.  What a shock it would be.  But, it looked good as I imagined its cool comfort on my skin...  in connection with my blood, which runs through and sustains my heart!  "Take that leap of faith", my spirit yelled 

Then listening to the impassioned sway, I raised the hose in praise and in pleading.

The  cooling comfort of His Loving embrace fell so freely.  And for a moment, there was hope...  and clarity, as I saw the fullness of His Covenant.  My own RAINBOW in the mist from a simple garden hose.

Not just a Bow, but it was Brilliant and in FULL CIRCLE.  A Full Frontal HUG FROM GOD!

The best part is that at the end... where the Pot of Gold would be....   Was ME!


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August 2012 hasn't arrived yet....has it???

I like any story that has to do with signs, especially rainbows, as I am partial. I was out walking my dog the other day and we walked past a fountain in the pond right behind my house where we were greeted by a large arcing rainbow. I revel in the rainbows too because when you think about it, it really is special; you have to be in the exact right place at the exact right time, the sun aligned just so, the droplets of water just so, your angle, perfect.<br />
It is fun, and as you suggested, extremely heartwarming, in a "touched by god" kind of way. <br />
Great for you. I loved this story. Maybe weeds serve a purpose after all. They get us outside where all the rainbows happen.

Yes ~ weeds actually serve a purpose for us.... I never thought about that... but God intended us to Attend the Gardens of our life..

:) Thank you for the read and lovely comment Quintesse :)

I love you my Brother!~


it is burdEn

BTW... Damn you grammar nazi... make me google for spelling!!!!!!!!!

Love you too!