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Time - More Precious Than Platinum.

Many do not seem to realize the value of time spent, time given, time that may not be there again. Time...precious, always moving forward, a memory marker of sorts...invaluable.

The time someone gives to you is worth more than any tangible item one could ever think of giving. It says that you mean something to another. It often says that you care. We cannot see time itself, but we can feel what others bring to time in the moment...a caring heart, a loving word, a concerned voice...friendship. It's as if these other intangible items make their indelible mark upon the designated moment expressed by the clock.

To miss the fact that someone is giving you something more precious than platinum, is akin to missing socks that bring their own value to the table or drawer as it were...variety, warmth, practicality and a charm of its own.Time, a unique commodity rarely acknowledged. .

To those who genuinely have taken the time to care, to be there, to share of yourself and the life that has been given to you via time, thank you. Time does not stand still, but the feeling it creates when shared with another is not only beyond measure, but can last longer than the moment itself.

SmartSweet1 SmartSweet1 51-55, F 1 Response Jul 21, 2012

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Yah,, maybe,,, but I'll take d platimun pretty much everyday. Way after we're all gone,, platimun,, silver, and no doubt gold too,,, will still be around. For most all folks, time spent is cheapest,,,, cause it's granted for free when we're born,,,