Just Sayin...

I'm not some consolation prize
Not gonna be a back up plan
If I can't be your woman,
Then you can't be my man.

Ain't gonna be no 'drunk dial'
Nor your midnight text queen
If you can't dial the numbers baby
I'm not losing sleep

~ get REAL dumbass ~
DrewBerry DrewBerry
46-50, F
8 Responses Jul 31, 2012

that the only way it should be if they cant give you what you wont !

Please excuse the OBVIOUS GRAMMATICAL FAUX PAS... This is an attempt to incorporate the poems into song... and that 2nd verse just fits with the double negative..


What's with the Modern Man?!?!

no such thing. They just dress differently than the other fukkers

Noooo ~ I still believe. Not all Furkers... I want to believe...............

*sigh* ok, i believe too. There are some men that just surprise you. really.

~ whew ~ Never Loose Hope. Somewhere... Somehow... Someone... the Right SomeONE will present himself... but until then.. NOT SETTLING!

NEVER Settle for anything less than what you deserve.

Well, I'm not much on all that 'Deserve' business; I don't deserve much....

But I'm not gonna settle for someone who doesn't absolutely love and adore me just as I am... and visa versa...

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You're first on my 'Alternative Options' list B~ Luv!!<br />
<br />
. hehehe

I still wanna be your spare wheel.................<br />
<br />
heheheeee<br />

Oh damn..........

agree with lilt on being someones everything but none of us should let ourselves be someones second best

Back up plan...no way!<br />
But being somebody's everything is a pretty scary thought, Drew.<br />
How about embracing life with a couple of boundaries?<br />

Definitely agree Lovely Lilt... I was just being poetic (not so literal).

~ hugs ~