The Endless Quest

Do we, as a people, just sit back and let life come to us? It does seem that way from time to time. It seems, to me, that most folks will do the absolute minimum and no more than is required of them, simply to get by. I say find your purpose. Find what meaning life holds for you and take it as far as you can. Strive for the betterment of yourself.

It has been proven throughout history that humanity is always at its best when faced by crisis and adversity. We become our very best through struggle and perseverance. Do not give up. Do not give in. Do not back down. Do not let this world beat you into submission. Do not tell yourself that you cannot do it. And above all, Never give in to your doubts.

I know people that when life dealt them a bad hand, they gave in to their depression, and it nearly destroyed them. Depression annihilates a person. It damages the soul, weakens the spirit, and drives one to alcohol or drugs. Anything to stop the pain, the self-loathing, the utter worthlessness that the depressed person feels.

The true path, quest is a more appropriate term, is to feel the pain. Acknowledge the source of ones misery, then to simply step out of that misery. It is as easily said as done. Set aside your pain. Put away the feelings that are hurting you. Choose to be okay.

This quest, should you choose to accept it, will never end. You will face pain and anger again and again. You must choose not to let it change you. It is a fight, not against an adversary, but against our own slackening of spirit. Our own weakness. Do not let the Darkness overtake you. You will Survive.
Slidehammer Slidehammer
36-40, M
Aug 12, 2012