You're Not All That!

You're not a lame ***, redneck, gambling, cheating, stupid military brat.
You're not a needy, stalker freak who'll always 'Be Watching Me, Every Step I Take... Every Move I Make'.
You're not a slobbery kisser, daddy's trust fund snob.
You're not a belligerent, alcoholic, catholic brother to 10 with poor dental hygiene.
You're not a white trash, middle class, cheating ginger with daddy's bank account to rely on for your self worth.
You're not a narcissistic, self-absorbed, long-haired, drug dealing, atheistic, no one matters but you and your intellect... did I say self-absorbed azzhole who tips poorly.
You're not that tall buff guy who doesn't have a car or a ride to work... who stole my cocaine when I was just a pup.  You don't have a controlling, needy compulsion to control my friends... or where I go..  or who I meet...  or date...
You aren't ugly.  Nor an alcoholic, though I'm sure you'd be a 'Happy Drunk'.  You didn't squander our life savings to be the big man at our local pub.
You are not a Cheater.  You don't chain smoke.  You don't have a negative attitude.  You don't write people off.  You are not without compassion.  You are not hopeless, or anti-social.  You do not discourage my spirit.  You do not judge  me.  You don't want to change me.  You aren't a redneck.  You're not stupid.  You don't abandon what is good and right.  

No...  You're NOT ALL THAT..   
and That's why You Stay On My Mind ALL THE TME!
DrewBerry DrewBerry
46-50, F
3 Responses Oct 22, 2012

What a fun read, Drew!

For a while there, I thought You had made a big misake...

Hello there Dex~ Long Time... Too Long....

I think I included pretty much all the ******** I've ever dated in this story...

Hey, who, me???????

I am Catholic, narcissistic, azzhole etc.........

So why do you still love me.




I know better Luv!

No writers block there :)

Hey Taz~sheDevil!! long time girl!!!
thanks for the visit, the read and comment. Hugs!