My story is more like alot of thoughts, feeling and events I have experienced.  It's strange how when you lose someone and sit your car and wait for the light to change so you can go to the church to make arrangements for your sister's service how... the world passed me by. I remeber that day cause time did stand still for me, I couldn't believe it. How someone so loving and caring has left my living life and here I am. i look back at this time and realize that I remeber only a few things from that day: Sitting at the light, my older sisters argueing with me over what will be read in her honor from the bible, going in the restroom to cry and get myself together and getting back into my car only to have my sister stop me as I tried to drive back home telling me the someone hit here car and wanted me to stay with both of them till the police came. I didn't. I told them no and went back home. How does this embrace life? I've learned so much from that day. It seems like we go through events in  our lives that mark us in some way, touched us in some way. Amazing. For me, I constantly find myself waking up to life. Knowing where I've been, see where I am currently standing and have a wonderful and fulfilling hope of the day to come. Thank you for reading my thoughts and my story.
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Strange how loss can make things so much clearer<br />
Thank you for writing your thoughts