Writers Block


Hello old friends, my pen & tiny lined micro composition book here on the train ride to work  Where have you been hiding, oh sparkly minds eye? Too many thoughts to place into semblance; too little as I block,  fickle & painful realizations.

If I could just remember to breath. Something so basic, a 'No Brainer' one may say. Like a fine touch or a long gaze giving way to clarity and understanding. Fulfillment of an aching need, near death as the weeds-nest of weariness & suffocation succumbs to numbness just before the flat line flys.

Alone, but free and without fear. Light so small; covering mere inches of the many miles ahead. Curvy, rocky, dark paths to navigate.  Blinding labyrinth littered with judgments and bad advice.

Seeking the peace and calm of each moment.  Breath by breath & beat by beat, the songbird soars.  Lifted by the warm comforting streams of angels whispers.

Meet me in the middle if you dare, if you care; my illusive friend.  Open up your core.  Do not hide your face from me for I am with you! Release yourself to comfort's friend, to understanding hands that hold your heart and keep it warm.  That touch, the sweet coral gaze of those precious vibrant eyes.

The words sit in sadness and surprise.  The silences speak so loudly. No need for words, but enhanced by them nonetheless. Come to me sweet love.  Embrace  your comfort here.  I long to make your spirit whole with my touch.

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Thanks JohnnyBean :)


I need to make more clearer that the Refiner story is a repost from an author unknown.. it's mentioned in my comments, but was a copy / paste for sharing purposes only... flattered, but unable to take credit... <br />
but the point was to illicit just that reaction. glad you got something of meaning from that post.<br />
<br />
see ya new friend.

Best to remain silent, and seem unintelligent, rather than put pen to paper sometimes. Fair Play to you Drew, you certainly captured a delectable scene. I much prefered your silver refiner. I could see my face in that particular story!...; )

It seems I may have scratched the Drewberry 'I embrace life' stories on the wrong surface (Bongo...).<br />
<br />
This is lovely :)

Thanks IamIam... It's good to see you here! Been too too long.

This truly resonates with me...Thanks Drewbaby...

aww shucks - ty bassman! <br />
<br />
~ peace bro ~

I like it a lot :)

More power to you Lilt - I'm afraid I must fall into that brooding old cat lady artist category -> cringes... <BR>No, truely.. really trying to find my voice here in this new land of peace and tranquility. <BR>and yes JoJo.. missyoo is good medicine for the pipes, indeed.<BR>TY Myo - I really hope you are right. EP is the best place for letting it unleash.... even if just writing fluff.. better than not writing at all. <BR>The words, or that next great picture... they are coming.... one thing I know for sure - when it's ready to come out, it will... it's a compulsion.<BR><BR>Thanks all. ;)

I think Drew's about to have an explosive bout of creativity.

Writers block? I say creative writing! Fabulous, Drew!<br />
<br />
I think some of Miss Yoo's laughs will get you running right.<br />
She keeps me "unblocked" since I'm always laughing

I find I am most creative when I am at peace with my life. There tends to be this mental image of the depressed, angst-ridden artist alone in a studio, painting away their sorrows. That's not me. My art comes from my "happy place."

LOL @ prunes on grocery list. adding them to my own list; must unclog the mental constipation i'm sufferin' from.<br />
<br />
~ grimmaces - did i just really go there? ~

This is a such a nice read. "why does the creativity stop when the pain goes away?" Good question, Drew. When my life was chaos, I used to write all the time, had notes on ideas, topics, words, and phrases, and my mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts about almost everything. Now I find my creativity is limited to my grocery lists, and I don't even make them. *jots down prunes*

~ya dried up old prune~

you are a prune miss yoo... <br />
<br />
~ oh, I meant prude ~

So so true hippyheart (love your name btw).<br />
Right now though I'm dusting off the Nikon lenses in search for my next great abstract.<br />
<br />
my friend and I have also started writing a book together.. his story idea, my word embellishment.. it's a crime novel centered around the world of car design.. <br />
<br />
~ so many ideas, so little motivation ~

LOL - thanks Emerald. I'm so happy now, I literally can write nothing of substance at this time.. why does the creativity stop when the pain goes away?

WOW! That's some talented "Writer's Block"!! Hate to see what you'd do going full- force! :O lol

ty scw... much appreciated.

thanks for reading and commenting in both places flours.

this is very beautiful!