Day And Night.

At night I am in sleep, I am not asleep.

I feel and desire, and look to satisfy myself. I experience what I will in the fastest speed of time.

There is no time in my sleep, there is only what I want and the experience of it. 

At night, everything i want is there and I am more than satisfied. 

I rejoice in being and i rejoice in my freedom.

I am happy.

At day I am not simply awake but I am also aware.

I am growing in awareness and growing in confidence. 

I am growing trust. 

I feel and desire and in this being, I satisfy myself. But i experience it in the greatest stretch of speed.

There is time in the day, yet there is only my will.

Time is an illusion that paints the vision before me, it gives me the space to experience having. 

My desire and will are the source of everything I experience; It is all but me.

At day, i have everything i want and I am everything I want, I am never without truth. 

Time simply encompasses this in a stretch and it is beautiful. 

I rejoice in being and I rejoice in my freedom. I rejoice in time. 

I am happy.

When in sleep, it is all but an instant. There is no time and so there is no space for doubt or hesitation, there is no second guessing. 

Everything i will, happens.

When in awake, there is time and therefor space to second guess. But there is also awareness which erases the hesitation and leaves you simply beholding this finger of time; This tune.

Everything i will happens, yet in hesitation time takes place. 

In awareness, time becomes a song; A means to express my joy and align it with the tune of time.  

Sometimes we forget time, sometimes we can't escape it. But time is a precious marble of this nature called life, it is it's true gift. 

Time is a blessing and I see this; I use time to the advantage of my being my journey. I use time to rejoice.

I embrace it.

I embrace this life, how could I not?


I really wanted to explain it in a better, more efficient way, so I am sorry if i didn't! But I sat in the car today and looked at the flurries coming my way. I realized that in my dreams, i experienced my intentions and desires only and though it is beautiful in its own way, there i was in TIME and i could experience the snowy weather, the surroundings, the thoughts, emotions and so much more all in one space. This timed life has so much to offer, every thought can carry you in any direction and anything can happen! And i thought to myself, "there is something beautiful happening all the TIME" 

and of course , we all have access to it. 

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2 Responses Feb 26, 2010

Thank you! <br />
<br />
I bet you make everyone's life around you so much better by just being there! <br />
<br />
Smiles to you too!<br />
I am glad you enjoyed!

You truely are amazing!<br />
<br />
The writing was excellent and precise as well as a joy to read. You got the point across and sent me into timelessness without sleep. I was not near the snowflakes but they too mesmorized me as they came across the page.<br />
<br />
Three things are remarkable; what you wrote; that you wrote it; and You.<br />
<br />