I Like To Let Him Lose On People.

A large part of my sense of fun and humour is just allowing myself to be deeply immature. The rest is film&TV references and complex mind games. Poking people's noses, and pretending it has some psychological significance (which i have though out all the way to the point where they realise its got no reason at all to it) untying shoelaces (that one is just funny) making funny noises...

ah, the joys of being immature. Many people say that you lose the ability and enjoyment of immaturity when you grow up, but i have grown up, all too much, and i still enjoy it, more than ever, its what keeps me sane after all the crap i have to deal with as an adult, especially in the last few years. I doubt 2010 will ever be dethroned as the worst year of my life.

Your inner child is an important part of you, its that tiny spark of innocence you were born with, that bit of purity in your soul, giving up on it would be a crime, and losing it a tragedy.
MrWinstonSmith MrWinstonSmith
26-30, M
Dec 15, 2012