Tantra is about sacred love; so, the partner is considered a beloved to be honored, cherished, and loved unconditionally.

Tantric sex is not simply an act but the buildup, movement, and transmission of energy through your own body and between you and a partner.

Setting boundaries by saying yes or no to what you want builds self-esteem and empowerment that is essential for a healthy interaction with a partner in tantric sex.

Honoring and respecting your partner is essential in tantric sex. It is accomplished by asking permission for any sexual act and in using terms like “beloved” to refer to your partner and “sacred space,” “yoni,” and “lingam” to refer to sexual organs.

Sex in the Western world has all too often been a matter of performance (how much the woman moans, how long the man lasts) or behaviors (such as oral sex or inter-course).

Tantric sex redefines what sex is not as an action, but as movement of energy within you individually, and between you and your partner.

coolsmile coolsmile
31-35, M
Aug 22, 2014