My Mum Emotinally Abuses Me

Hi, I am a young women who is pregnant, married with a  lovely husband and toddler.


I have a toxic family although I have only just realised this in my 30s after thinking for so long it was normal.


My brother is a alcoholic but is sober at the moment been sober for 2 years.  He lives with my parents.


All my life my mother has said some horrible things to me, very hateful, jealous comments.


My childhood and teenage years were plagued with teasing at school, and I had a low self esteem only magnified by my mums comments.


I find it hard with my brother as he is really hard to talk to, a bit of a smart arse and is very sheltered by my parents.  I rang mum oneday as I thought I could talk to her because he has destroyed their house 3 times (when he was drinking) and they threaten to kick him out but never do.  Gosh a long story but I try to talk to my mum that I find it hard with him and she just flies off the handle. 

Basically I have cut myself off now, because I ha ve my own family, and my parents dont listen to me.


I know this is still a little vague but I am already worried about my new baby arriving because I dont even want my mum here, or my family as they just make my life do I cope with this



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gosh now she keeps sending my son gifts as if unaware of how **** our relationship is........ i dont want the gifts because all that happens is later on she will throw in my face how much she has done for me when I didnt ask for these gifts.<br />
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Its unpsetting I just want her to realise how **** our relationship is and try and work on that but its like she doesnt care and is now going through my son which is so wrong. She is a narcissist I have just realised and its so boring.

thanks so much goahead for your lovely comment.....also its nice to hear other people have a similar situation thanks sara600

tell them you will call when you are up to visitors tell them you want time for you your husband and other child to adjust to your new baby God Bless prayers goahead