Are You An Emotional Fool?

Did you ever fall in love and ended up loosing money?
Did you ever say yes when you wished to say no and lost peace of your mind and also money?
Did you keep helping all around and found yourself being lone again?
Did you feel you were being taken for granted but you refused to get assertive?
Are you soft; hypersensitive,caring, human wishing to change the society irrespective of whether society will stand besides you or not.

if you say yes to all these questions; hip hip hurray... welcome to the world of emotional fool
if you say yes to only few questions; hip hip hurray..   welcome to the world of cautious fool
if you say no to all questions; hip hip hurray.. welcome to the world of practical fool

you and me can make good friends.
giftafamily giftafamily
May 23, 2012