I Hate Macho.....

I find emotionality in men to be very attractive. I can't stand it when men try to act all macho and what not. For instance, a lot of guys tend to just act like everything is cool when it's not - saying that it's all good and what not. That is no annoying. I mean if they can't be real with little things, how are they going to open up about bigger issues? I find the whole macho thing to be really deceiving, because they're not expressing how they're really feeling. And it's frustrating. I care about guys and how they're feeling. Even if it's something small, like a little frustration with school or even a bad day, I would like for the guy to at least be honest with me about it. Period. Being macho, to me, is not being manly. To me, personally, it's being a wimp. Period.


No offense, guys. Just sayin.

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Girls do like men who are honest,sensitive and open.Men don't open up that easily in front of any woman.If he does than he feel's that the girl would get wrong impression about him.So pretends to be a Macho stuff and all.Honestly speaking Men are much much more sensitive than woman.It's just the woman who makes us feel stronger both emotionally & physically.

not all guys. my boyfriend is very sensitive, open, & honest about what he's thinking and feeling. even more than me. and I love that about him. I don't have to beg or drag things out of him... or even ask. he's the kind of guy I'm attracted to.<br />
and it may be what guys are taught, but that doesn't mean it's attractive to girls

No offence taken..... it made me cry with joy and hope for the future of mankind!

It's incredibly reassuring to see that woman like you do think this way, about men that are open about what they really feel about something that bothers them.<br />
<br />
The macho thing is just a cover up after all because men haven't got the courage to admit something. So in a way, acting tough like that, is almost a sign that they're weak.

Hahahaha thanks :)