I Am An Empath And What Else? Help

I realized I am an empath because my Dad is and my moms mom which is my grandma also is they have told me after growing up because they realized I knew as much as I do ! I remember events that happens in detail when i was 1 years old I remember my room the color of my parents covers, my grandmas house and how everything was set up and the detail in the furniture and alllll ! & About my empath abilities I can feel others emotions when i am around them If they feel sick i feel sick, self concious then i do too, If they feel hate toward someone I feel the hate they feel toward the person and i will know who it is they feel it torge, I also know how bad someones mental health is and i know an event that has happened in there life that noone knows Or i will know something about them as a person noone knows but usually every person i meet i know all of the negative things about them and the bad stuff that they wouldnt want anyone knowing and i know how there mind works and i know what they think like i dont know what color there thinking or whatever but I do know what there thinking like if im in a room and a guy is thinking something is funny about a girl and they arent showing that they are thinking about it i automatically know what they guy thinks is so funny about the girl and i will laugh just cause i think its funny since i know the stuff also and i know howa guy feels about me before i even get to know him i know what he thinks and feels anytime we are together and i  know so much that when i meet a guy & or person i know years worth of there life or A lifetime worth or i will just know the basic like how there mind works and thinks about situations and people or whatever its different with everyone but I hate that i cant get to know guys cause my empath abilities and whatever else abilities interfere i know them so well after hanging out 3 times that they bore me because I know a lifetime . Do you think you knopw any other abilities i have from reading this? & do you know how to help cut the abilities off & do you know how to make them stronger as well? I also feel like i know when spirits are around me i feel like i know where they are in my hous ehwen im in here and i feel like i know when a spirit is touching me like when im in bed i can feel them in my bed trying to touch me or maybe get my attention? & it scares me and i think they know that too but i think they know im an empath so it attracts them to me cause i feel like spirits are around me alot Oh yeah I also dont know how to turn it on andoff well and i found out about my empath abilities like a year ago & It drives me insane but since i have realized and worked with it some i have helped alot of people with there negative mental health and life issues because i know so much i feel like its the right thing to do and i try to change there bad mental health to a postive view and i have succeeded plenty just not once with one friend i just didnt have enough strength i dont guess
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same here im an empath except i can astral project which takes alot out of me

That me sorry first time on website