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Thank you for joining, the purpose of this group is discuss real life experiences related to Gender Role Reversal. For our society to survive complete gender role reversal needs to happen. This is a slow process with each new generation we get closer to a complete female control world. For many especially males who hold on to out-date patriarchal beliefs the topics covered in this group will be hard to accept. It's doesn't matter men had their rein, its a women world now, your daughters will be the leaders of tomorrow and your sons have no choice but to accept the feminine role in society

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Radical I have read your stories and was amazed. Infact I think my jaw dropped to the ground! Its the first time I have heard of such ideas.
I do beleive that toys especially should not be gender specific. How many children are pushed into gender roles subconciously by their parents and peers? Its hard to break ideals that have been the core of societies for centuries. Not to say it is impossible - afterall thats what revolutions are for ;-)

By the light, this may be the first violence free revolution. Women can and will become our leaders without need of resorting to violence or killing. Once women decide to do this, within a generation or two, we will be living in a matriarchy.

I would like to see it in my lifetime but am skeptical of it happenning. Society and its culture and norms is so deeply engrained, no, more like brainwashed into people and upheld by the media.

Men do need to be following now, not leading as in years past and screwing things up. Women are not focused on material things like men are. Women know how to get males to comply now.

The only way for society to survive is for women to lead and men to either follow willingly or be removed.

Mothers are the key, once a generation or two of boys grow up raised as ultra prissy princesses; without macho attitudes and not allowed to play sports or video games we will have the female control world of our desire.

It is really then natural order of things since women are superior in every way.

This world is coming. Its not going to be easy and their will be resistance but things are going to change and women will be in charge.

I agree completely and I try to do my little part to spread feminine empowerment with my blog at One of my proudest moments was when a Muslim woman from Indonesia that I am friends with told me that she wanted to feminize her future husband! It's not much, but it is a small crack in male domination in the Muslim world. Hopefully in a couple of generations the crack will become a total breech.

You have my full support and let me know if I can help!

I Could not Agree More! Women Need to Take Control of Society and Feminize the Males in their Lives!! Go for it!!