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Wet Myself While Sleeping

For the last 6 or 7 years I've been incontinent due to a back injury I sustained, and rarely a night goes past without me emptying my bladder while sleeping. I normally wear a disposable diaper and plastic pants to sleep in to prevent the bed from getting soaked, but there always seems to be slight leakage anyway. I see no shame in having night time accidents, and actually enjoy them. Roughly once a month (sometimes more often) I deliberately go to bed without 'protection' and sleep in my normal underwear with the sole intention of ending up with a nice soaked bed.

I accept I've been a deliberate wetter for well over 40 years, and since becoming incontinent (which to me was a bonus) I'm wet almost every day at some point and love being wet. I still do deliberately wet myself even when I could get to the bathroom in time - this may sound strange; but from the point of not needing a pee to being desperate is a matter of seconds, and the longest I can hold it after feeling desperate is about a minute at the most. After that, it just runs out and I may not even be aware I'm peeing until I feel the lovely wet feeling around my crotch and legs.

So to sum up I embrace being wet, and if it means a wet bed as well so much the better - I'm happy - and just this minute wet myself (deliberately) whilst writing this :-)

plasticpantsguy plasticpantsguy 56-60, M 8 Responses Jul 5, 2010

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Thank you Sandrapants, nothing has changed since I wrote that and I'm stil as wet as

A great true life story
really enjoyed it.
Take care xxx

Well I woke up in a wet bed this morning, unintentionally. I was so tired last night when I got home from work that fell into bed without putting on a diaper.

I wet the bed several times during the night. My mom wakes me around 11:30 when she goes to bed and I am usually wet already. I got up and change but when my dad gets up to go to work at 4:am i am wet again. Sometimes I even wet through my diapers (thick) and plastic pants and my pajamas and even bedding are wet. When there is no school I sleep in late and often am wet when I get up. Even if I am dry when I get up by the time I get down the hallway to the bathroom I end up wetting before I get there.

There are few nights when I don't wet in my sleep. I have wet on and off all my life. I have accepted and embraced my bedwetting and am now a happy bedwetter. My wetting helps me sleep so much better and I love the feeling of a soaking nappy or wet bed when I wake. I still wet deliberately when the mood takes me and often wet my bed before falling asleep.

Polonium, I think apart from you not having a back problem you and I are the same in many ways. You'd be welcome to sleep and wet in my bed anytime - in fact I'd welcome

I don't have a back injury, but i do enjoy wetting my diapers. I've been wearing them for about 4 years now. And recently started needing them at work, too. I can't always run off and use the bathroom when I need to and my holding capacity is rather limited these days. And I do enjoy wetting the bed at night and waking up wet in the morning. I would love to try going to bed without protection one night and end up in a wet bed. I also have been a wetter for many years. Diapers give me a freedom I hadn't been able to enjoy before and now that I find that I need them more and more, as you said, it's a bonus.

Hi Mells,<br />
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Thanks for the comments, I can definitely empathise with you in your problems. Although I have come to accept my problem, and fairly happy with it; it does have it's downside and does cause problems and embarrassment I'd rather avoid at times.<br />
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I suppose I could call myself fortunate in sleeping in a seperate bed from my wife since my back injury (we couldn't risk the fact she may inadvertantly hit me or shove me while asleep which would cause severe problems). So if the bed gets wet, it's no big deal because I do the housework and washing etc: while my wife goes out to work. I'm restricted to working from home and now run a small and reasonably successful graphic design and webdesign business.