It Happens Most Nights Now

I have been wetting in my sleep for a while now and am enjoying it very much. After years of purposeful wetting it is great being a true bedwetter again. I don't plant to ever be dry at night again. Regressing was easy for me as I guess it is for all former bedwetters.
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I agree with you as far as being a way to relieve stress. I do sleep better when I'm wet. And now wake up most mornings in a wet diaper. I wake up happy and stress free. And when I get home from work, the first thing I do is change into a diaper and spend my evenings wet as well. Regressing and wetting a diaper really does help with stress. and I enjoy waking up wet.

Bedwetting is a complex issue. If you look on this site there are many of us who do choose to be bedwetters and also many who have wet all their lives and accepted this and embraced their bedwetting. For me it most certainly stems from my childhood. I was a chronic bedwetter as a child and had very few dry nights before I was 11 or 12 years old. I started to gain a degree of night time control during this period but somehow found I missed the wet feeling and because I was so used to sleeping in a damp and smelly and sometimes just plain urine soaked bed if I woke needing to pee I would just wet the bed and drift back to sleep. <br />
Being used to sleeping in a wet bed had stemmed from when I was younger and had cried out during the night having woke up and foud I was wet as usual. My mother sick of getting up to change yet another wet bed told me to get back in while it was stll warm. This I did and at first itr was uncomfortable but I got used to it and did fall asleep. That was the last time I ever complained about being wet as I found if I didn't mention I'd wet the bed little or nothing was said. Sometimes my bed would be changed during the day and others it wasn't. Somehow sleeping in a damp and smelly bed made me feel safe and secure.<br />
As I grew older and was wetting on purpose I realised that when I was upset or stressed about something if I wet the bed I felt better and found I alweays slept better when I wet before I went to sleep. I was taken to the doctors during my teens for a very embarrasing visit to see why I still regularly wet the bed at 15 and kept up the pretence that I had no control over it. This was partly true as I did still wet in my sleep but often did it on purpose. The doctor said I would probably grow out of it and refered me to a specialist but I never went. After that my mother was able to get various products to help with my wetting from the continence nurse such as nappy style incontinence briefs and a proper waterproof cover and pads for my bed which I was happy to use. It just became accepted in our family that I wet the bed and little was ever said about it after that. I was expected to deal with my wet sheets and nappies etc. I never knew for certain but I always suspected my mother knew I did it on purpose.<br />
I continued to wet all through my teens, sometimes in my sleep but often deliberately. Then for a few years I was totally dry at night. I had other distractions and being wet never crossed my mind. Then out of nowhere the desire to be wet came back. I suppressed it for a while but gave in eventually and have wet my bed on and off ever since and am back to nightly sleep wetting now. <br />
For me it was the right decision because I genuinely sleep better when I am wet and wake up happy and relaxed. I believeit is a natural stress reliever and possibly an addiction but a totally harmless one. I used to agonise over the pleasure my bedwetting gave me even though a grown man shouldn't be doing this. Regressing and living as a true bedwetter has stopped all those feelings as now I have no choice in the matter. I don't know if I could ever regain my night time control and be dry at night again but what I do know is I don't plant to try.

Why would anyone want to wet the bed? :/