Not By Choice

I wish I didn't belong to this group, but I do. My bladder is much smaller than most adult bladders, and so I have to get up and empty it during the night or it will empty itself in my sleep. Most of the time now I'm able to wake up when I need to go before it's too late. But, some nights (especially when I'm really tired, sick, or stressed) I just don't feel it filling up, and eventually it gets too full and just overflows while I'm still asleep.

Myself, I really hate it and would do anything to make it stop! I have nothing against those of you who find it enjoyable to have this happen, but for me it's more like a recurring nightmare. I had some pretty traumatic experiences growing up as a childhood bedwetter and to some degree have just never gotten past it.

Anyway, I'd love to talk more with anybody who'd like to talk about this -- not exactly a subject for everyday dinner conversation! Yet, for those of us who deal with it, it needs to be talked about.
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2010

I feel bad for you all who wish you didn't have the problem. Wouldn't it be nice if we could "trade"? I give you my continence and take your incontinence? Mine would have been traded away a long time ago.

I feel for you. I wet the bed too (hormonal issues) and it sucks! I guess there are worse things in life, but I'd love to not have this embarrassing problem.