Myrtles Plantation

I have a theory on ghosts, derived from a photo experience about 10 years ago at the Myrtles Plantation in St. Francisville, LA.  The place had been featured on many tv channels, such as the travel channel, as being one of America's most haunted places.  It was quite common to go there and take photos on the property and in the house and later find faded images of people on your film that were not there when the pics were taken.  This was especially true in the foyer where people had taken pictures of the large mirror that reflected back the staircase, one guest had pictures of a woman in victorian fashion descending the staircase reflected from the mirror.  So everyone in my tour group of course started taking shots.  Flash photography was not allowed inside the house, so to be sure of no questionable shots, I waited til everyone moved on to the next room before taking mine.  I stood in the alcove below the staircase, aiming at the mirror and angled to capture anything that might be coming down the stairs.  I had used a 35mm, so the surprise didn't come til after the roll was developed.  No images of speculation were captured, except for that one photo.  I had captured something, but not a ghost.  In the middle of the frame was a blurry image of a man and a young girl.  As if they were right in front of me, passing the mirror as I took the picture.  But they were not ghosts, they were members of the tour group I was with!!!  I double and triple-checked all my photos as well as the film trying discern whether there was an image malfunction or overlay.  I had nothing with those 2 in any other pictures.  I explicitly told the clerk developing my film to make sure that every negative was printed, even if it looked like a mistake, or was completely blank, and he had as I did have a few that didn't come out.  So here's my theory:  I think that time and space has a memory.  Sometimes just minor impacts on it, but enough to replay it.  Perhaps location is key, as elements such as EMF are possibly critical for that moment to become imprinted.  I think that picture reflects the memory of the man and child passing by, and it may have only happened for a fraction of a millisecond, which caused them to appear hazy, and my camera just happened to catch it.  Any thoughts?  Prior to this experience I have greatly believed that our spirits have a physical manifestation after our bodies no longer can serve us.  And certainly there are the instances of a cognitive spirit that wouldn't fall into this class of haunting. 
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Very interesting indeed.