My First Ghost Experience

I was only 2 yrs old. I know most people can't remember when they were 2, but I remember the experience vividly. What happened was I was awakened by the voice of a boy. I looked up in the direction of the voice and it was a little african american boy. I thought it was odd because his face just peeked through the material of the curtain like there was a hole in it. He said "ma, why that little girl in our house"? Then a woman's face peeked through the same hole and said "cuz she lives here now sugar". I started screaming and my mom came in and got me. She showed me that there was no one in the room. It was actually an apartment above a no one could have possibly been near the window.

My mom asked me what they looked like and I pointed at the salt shaker she had on the stove...which was a Black Mamie (looked like Aunt Jemima). She laughed it off and thought nothing of it.  About 25 yrs later when I spotted that garage apt...and pointed out to my mom that I remembered that house was the first time I seen a ghost...she said "that was just a bad dream". I was determined to prove her wrong...but didn't know how..then an Aunt suggested researching the property. Turned out the apt was all that was left of a Doctors old homestead that had burned down in the 30's. The Apt..was the "helps" quarters in the 20's and 30's. I am pretty sure that any help a rich doctor would have had in that era...would have been african american. Of course this doesn't prove I actually seen a ghost...but I know what I seen then and have had many experiences since!
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Dang! That's. Spookie as hell. I believe you really saw some ghosts.

Children are so much more receptive to the paranormal. They are able to have an open mind to things so they are able to see what others quickly shut out of their minds. Memories that are so strong can stay with someone their entire life. I remember my birthday party when I was four years old and that I had a Care Bear cake at my grandmother's house where I was given a wooden doll crib my uncle made, and a picture was taken of me on the walk by the side of the house where I was wearing a little sun dress with pants underneath (it's March in Wisconsin but unusually sunny that day). My grandmother only lived 3 more years after that but my memories with her are burned into my mind. I also believe you had that experience. Please do share your other stories, they are fascinating.

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I believe you had this expereince when you were, two, my friend! :-) My first, paranormal encounter, happened when i was a five year old and i remember it vividly as if, it were yesterday,. :-) I would really love to read of your other "paranormal encounters" :-) Thank you, so much for sharing your story! it gave me a bit of a shiver, whilst reading!!, lol Thank you! :-)