My Friends Mother

Oh! my gosh, this is going, way back to the late 80's,.

Unfortunately it was in the February my friends mother sadly passed on,. Naturally my friend was still grieving way into the months of March through to July and beyond it took her a long time to come to terms with her bereavement!

I remember, it was a very hot day so i think it may have been in the July or maybe the August i can't really remember the month, though it was hot!,. I always have a habit of tapping, on, my friends kitchen window, with my keys! before i go in, so as she knows it's me,.  This day i didn't!!! ,why!!?? i haven't a clue,. I went around to her back door, it was open, i walked in and my friend was sat on the sofa! i looked again and i could plainly see, my friends mother sat beside her, with an arm around my friends shoulder as if comforting her! (which i truly believe she was doing) i looked at the both of them and as i did, her mother turned her head, saw me and disappeared! it was as if to say! "oooh i can go now, my daughter has company and i am no longer required" and with that she went! My friend was crying! but i thought even then it was way too soon to tell her i had just seen her mother,. So i waited awhile about 5 - 6 mths to be truthful and then i told her, as she had then started to speak of her mother!
I am so pleased i did! as she was soooooooo! happy! and thanked me for telling her, i even told her what her mother was wearing!,. She told me that her mother was buried in those clothes!
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Awwwww! :D my baby!! :D long time no see! :( Thank you so much for your comment, this is a lovely thing to say! OT :D Thank you! :D <br />
And thank, for your feedback! :D

I love hearing stories like this :)

Awwwwww! my baby! :D I am so pleased you have read it! :D Yes exactly :D your mother is near and she is ok! :D Peace, love and hugs! to you always! my darling! x<br />
Thank you so much for stopping by! i appreciate it! thank you! :D

RassaFrassa, :D, my friend thank you so much for commenting,. :D <br />
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Yes, with this type of phenomanon, i tend to be a little "scared" when they try and interact, with my friends mother i was a lttle spooked, but not as much as i was, when i saw a neighbour across the way, from me, that really scared me, when she turned her head in my direction, i think she was about to say something, so i turned my head, looked back and she was gone! "phew"!!!! lol <br />
I to! find the whole subject equally intriguing!, yes! exactly it makes "one" think doesn't it?? <br />
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Yes! RassaFrassa! :D my thoughts to! And it sure is a comforting thought to isn't it??? :D <br />
Thank you so much for your feedback on this one my friend! :D

Ohh! yes, i see what you mean! :D my stomach done somersaults when she told me also! <br />
I think i related another story on seeing a "friends" mother who had recently passed, i could see all she was wearing and described the clothes accurately! and i mean i didn't even know this woman! So spooky Marji! <br />
Thank you so much for commenting darling! :D

Oooh! thank you Marji! :D I know when i went in and saw her mother sat there mind i had a bit of a "shock and a turn" i just stood staring! which seemed like an eternity and it was only a minute or a second! then se just turned her head, saw me and went! i was flabbergasted! lol I said nothing to my friend in case it upset her, so of course i waited until she could speak of her mother, fully before i told her!,. <br />
Awwww! thank you Marji! :D thank you for your comment! :D